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On a lighter note....

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-12-22 2 comments

The lovely lady and I went to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday and I have to say that I found the experience to be 90% enjoyable. And that's not to say that any part of the show was bad, but there were a few parts where I found myself not just shifting in my seat but the best way to put it would be writhing.

Having not read the books before hand, I found much of the story-line to be twisted and unexpected. My fiance absolutely loved the show despite knowing the entire plot beforehand. I attribute this to the movie being a very accurate portrayal of the book itself, as attested by her, and from a stellar performance from both of the lead characters Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

Another big thing I noticed during this show that I haven't seen in any movie for quite some time is pace change and not just between scenes. I've been shown the graph of what makes a good story. You may have seen it being discussed on Extra Credits and I found, when examining the movie afterwards that it was very similar to this. That may be an over-evaluation but here's the bottom line. I was never bored once. I refuse to say anything specific about the show in case you, like me, haven't read the books(I plan to now). I was worried that they would ruin the story by making it 'Hollywood' and the inclusion of Daniel Craig, I'll admit, was initially a worry for me. Thankfully, it appears as if Mr. Bond can convincingly play a helpless down on his luck victim just as well as an untouchable secret agent. And I won't spoil a thing about Rooney Mara's performance.

This one is definitely a theater watch recommend. A warning though, the sex/violence in this one is well balanced but extremely graphic at times. By balanced, I mean there are many opportunities for it to be gratuitous, but it only is when it needs to be. I praise the director, David Fincher for deciding that it was enough to hear teeth hitting the ground rather than showing them(in slow motion or something foolish like that). Great respect for the material and the overall tone.

It's always too soon....

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for shit like this

I'm a little sick that this exists.

You know your games if...

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-12-16 4 comments

you understand all these references. :)

SWTOR Launch

Posted by Bairen On 2011-12-12 2 comments

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you have been talking to me lately, you know I'm looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Well Launch day approaches and I would like to invite all those that are wanting to play this join up on the same server.

I am a part of Midnight Squadron. You can sign up and become part of our gaming clan at : http://www.midnightsquadron.com

We will be launching into the game on the server: Port Nowhere
It is a PvP server.

I haven't picked a character name yet, but contact me and we can all join up. Playing with Friends is the best option in an MMO.

Looking foward to seeing you in game!

Tech Company Bans Internal Emails

Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-12-06 1 comments

This is a very interesting article about a tech firm called Atos that is banning internal emails by the end of 2012. I really like the logic that they are using for why they are doing it. I am not sure how it is going to work out for them, but best of luck to them.

In short, internal email is a waste of time.

Hard to believe...

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There are still cool things coming out of Star Wars fan stuff. I know you are thinking Cello's are lame, but you really should check out the video, the sound is great, and the video is clever.

This might be old, but it is new to me.

An antidote to Black Friday: Barry Levinson's Avalon (1990)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-11-26 0 comments

Checkout this great post on a blog I follow, "The Reaction".

Dork Tower

Posted by James Davie On 2011-11-25 1 comments

From the above, I am Aragorn, an Intrepid-Class Scout ship,  and then the rest is pure gobble-de-gook!


Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-11-18 3 comments

I have often wondered the connection between mustaches and prostate cancer. Penny Arcade here has offered up the reason, though I am not sure how sound the argument is. Comments!!!

Timesplitters N?

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-11-13 0 comments

(lifted in part from www.computerandvideogames.com)

The last game in this series was TimeSplitters: Future Perfect which released in 2005. Six years is a long time to be waiting for a sequel so we reckon the gaming world is ready for the series to make a return on the current generation of consoles. We loved TimeSplitters for its fast-paced, arcade style action and really just the fact that it didn't take itself too seriously, which is a nice contrast to the current crop of realistic, modern shooters.

We particularly liked additions such as 'Robo-pussy' - a remote control cat that you could drive around. More fun and crazy ideas like this would be welcome in the sequel. Another great thing about TimeSplitters it that because it's not constrained to one time, it allows the player to wield a large variety of weapons from many different time periods, making the gun-play certainly more interesting.

It is rumoured that Crytek is currently working on a new game in TimeSplitters series, with the intention of releasing it on next-generation consoles. Supposedly the title will take advantage of CryEngine 3 and DirectX 11 tech. We're not sure if it will actually be TimeSplitters 4 or just a spin-off, however. Still, it's exciting to hear of any news regarding TimeSplitters and the sooner a new one comes out, the better.

Also - HD monkeys. That is all!

Lest We Forget

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-11-11 1 comments

In the day to day tedium, frustration and excitement it is easy to forget that all of it occurs within the domain of a freedom that others paid for with their lives. Here on GnoSchitt we have the grandest of personal luxuries: the right to say and think whatever we want*.

* within the limits of human rights and decency

On Remembrance Day, I find I'm often moved to tears. I'm not crying because I have stories of great personal loss from the Great Wars (or conflicts thereafter). From what I understand one of my grandfathers drove a supply or equipment truck in the second world war. I didn't know him very well and he died before I was old enough to understand what the whole thing meant. I never had a chance to talk to him about it. I'm moved to tears by the realization that I have so much to be utterly thankful for because of the great selfless sacrifice of thousands of people who's names I'll never know.

For the last three or four years I have watched the CBC Rememberance Service from Ottawa. The first time I watched that service I was surprised at the age of the remaining veterans. Has it been that long? During the service they spoke of the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier".

So the story goes, when this new memorial was unveiled in 2000, the crowd in attendance spontaneously began leaving their poppies behind on the tomb as they left the service that cold November morning. This has become a bona fide tradition now with thousand upon thousands of poppies left on the memorial site as the crowds in attendance pay their respects to the men and women of those wars. As I've gotten older, I've come to understand what their motivations might be. Indeed in many ways I think I feel the same. I feel gloriously Canadian: deep sadness that we have need to go to war mixed with thankfulness that we have fought so valiantly.

This had led me to add a few important things to my personal bucket list, I genuinely hope I'm able to plan the following two excursions before it's been too long:

A Trip to Vimy Ridge
Attendance at the Ottawa Remembrance Service with an option to be standing here in the Canadian War Museum at 11am if we cannot get onto the grounds for the outdoor service.

I would gladly plan either of these events with others if they feel similarly inclined.

           Lest we forget

How True

Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-11-01 0 comments

I am sure all of you have at least half of these checked off...

Spielberg as Indy 4 Apologist?

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-10-31 3 comments

If you have a sec, go read this - angry now? good!

This really bothers the shit out of me that Spielberg is so flippantly dismissing the way he totally (and permanently) fucked up this series. There is really nowhere to go from here on this series, and it's likely dead ended.

I can't imagine a future Indiana Jones film STARRING no-talent, starts-fights-in-canada-and-gets-thumped, LaBeouf and NO Harrison Ford selling more than a few thousand tickets. The franchise isn't strong enough to bring those indifferent to the character out, and Shia isn't strong enough to convince us old-school Indy loyalists to give a shit.

Blaming it on George Lucas is trendy and convenient.

Screw You Spielberg!

Sluts on Halloween, VERY NSFW!

Posted by Kyro Sk On 3 comments

While I found this really funny, I'm not sure I was totally okay with it, given my family makeup.

A spook, spectre or ghost?

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-10-27 1 comments

We're ready to believe you!

I'm going to the 7:00 pm show of the original Ghostbusters movie at Galaxy Cinema. After that, if I'm feeling squirrely, I might stay and watch Paranormal Activity 3. Who's with me?

Akira - Live Action

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-10-23 3 comments

To quote the article:

Variety also reported that production on the live-action film adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira manga is set to begin in late February or early March. According to the magazine, the film's current story goes as follows: "Set in New Manhattan, the cyberpunk sci-fi epic follows the leader of a biker gang who must save his friend, discovered with potentially destructive psychokinetic abilities, from government medical experiments."

I'm glad to hear Gary Oldman and/or Helena Bonham-Carter might be involved in the project now, but I'm concerned about the use of Garret Hedlund, especially in a young person role like Kaneda. He's not getting any younger and it was already a stretch in TRON:Legacy. Are there no good actual teen actors anywhere anymore?

I'm probably going to end up going to see the live action Akira no matter what, as I have immensely fond memories of the first time I watched the 1982 animated film when I was just starting to grok cyberpunk themes in high school.

God I hope they elect Ron Paul

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-10-18 5 comments

(but God help us if they do)

You can't ignore him anymore. First they ridiculed him, then they tried to ignore him, but people wanted to hear what Dr. Paul had to say, and now the other Presidential hopefuls are clamoring to shake his hand at the end of the debate.

I went to Ron Paul's Facebook page, and LIKED it. You should too.

Here comes my hoverboard!

Posted by James Davie On 2 comments

Bout damn time too!

You read any good books lately?

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-10-17 3 comments

In the run-up to Halloween, I thought this video would be worth a re-watch.

"Only vistas, eh?"


Oooo!! Bonus video:

Rifts Timeline

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-10-09 3 comments

P.A.: Short for Post Apocalyptic calendar.  The P.A. dating system started in North America about 109 years ago and marks the end of the Dark Age that followed the Great Cataclysm.  The Dark Ages lasted for nearly 200 years.

December 22, 2098 A.D. marks the Coming ofthe Rifts and the beginning of the Great Cataclysm.  Note: Most people in the world of Rifts do not know exactly when the Great Cataclysm began nor how it began or how long the Dark Age lasted.  Conventional wisdom is that the Dark Age continued for roughly 200 years.  Some believe it was as long as three hundred.

2099 A.D. to 2286 A.D. is the actual 188 year long Dark Age that engulfed North America and most of the planet following the Great Cataclysm.

1 P.A. (2287A.D.): Human civilization emerges from the long Dark Age in North America with the rise of Chi-Town and other notable "civilized" city-states, kingdoms and communities.  Human civilization also rises from barbarism and begins to make its presence known around this point in other parts of the world.  However, many parts of the world remain in barbarism or have been taken over by D-Bees (other dimensional beings) or mutants and monsters common to the day.  Chi-Town created the Apocalyptic calendar, but it was quickly adopted throughout the continent, and later, in other parts of the world.

If you're busted, OWN it, like Conan

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-09-30 1 comments

Sorry in advance for the lame commercials you're forced to watch on TeamCoCo clips, but I assure you it's worth it if you haven't seen it.

Get in the Tunnel

Posted by James Davie On 2011-09-26 5 comments

Meet Tunnelbear, your new online best friend.
This brilliant little Canadian designed app creates a VPN allowing to you view country specific online content that you couldn't watch before. It's stupidly simple to sue, with two buttons: on/off and UK/US. Now you can watch BBC videos, or Hulu or Spotify as if you were in the states or the UK.

The free version only gives you 500MB, but if you are needing more the paid version is only $5/month for unlimited content. What a fantastic idea! These guys are going to be millionaires soon!

Local Page Updates, Games

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-09-25 5 comments

Does anybody use a good iPhone / online tracking tool for keeping track of what videogames they've got, beaten, given up on, lent out, wrapped, sold, beat a second time, etc...?

Also, these pages have been recently updated:

RRoD Survivors

Anybody out there got games they are willing to lend/trade?  I've still got a couple of Screwloose's games to return to him and I think a few people still have a game or two of mine.  I'm happy to trade/lend PS3 or XBox360 games.


Ambience, Umlaut Style

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-09-24 0 comments

It was bound to happen, as I continued to experiment with ambient music I knew I wouldn't be happy releasing it under the name "Kyro". Then one day in a fit of twitter nonsense I arrived at the following equation:

möbius loop + double entendre = möbius entendre

Möbius Entendre - Return to Neptune (ver.3) by möbius entendre

I liked it so much, I decided to use it as my ambient pseudonym. As DKellowz pointed out in a hashtag followup - #justifiedUmlautFTW - which only served to make me think of the KLF and the Justified Ancients of MuMu (otherwise known as "The Jams") and I was sold on it.

Feels good to finish a track even if it's not related to any current on-going projects (all of which need real attention soon, and I'm aware of that). But right now, the question is: what's for lunch?

You're crazy if....

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-09-16 3 comments

.... you don't have Portal already. But here's your chance to get it. It's absolutely free on Steam until the 20th supposedly. Just so everyone knows, Portal is worth making a Steam account for if you don't have one. It's also worth paying the full price of the orange box just for it alone. So go do it. And tell everyone who hasn't done it who knows how to use a mouse to go do it too. I love Valve. Create hype for a current product by giving away it's "old" version. Now if they'd just stop fucking around and make my hl2 episode 3 or even just jump straight into hl3 that'd be much gooder.

Sidenote : Steam and many games play on Macs so don't count yourself out if you're a kool-aid swilling tech twitch. Boom.

Audio Delights

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I'm not sure if I heard about this tool from this blog or one of you folks to begin with, but ListenToYouTube.com has been my only source for mp3 music, comedy etc for about a year now and I still can't get over how easy it is. If you aren't using it, do it. Now!

Also, if anyone wants to add music to any video and make it seem like a movie preview, use Lux Aeterna (the Two Towers remix). You could cut lawn bowling clips into that tune and have it be epic.

It's not so bad that it takes up my move....

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-09-13 2 comments

10 Year Old Generals?

Posted by wilkanomics On 2011-09-06 4 comments

Maybe they could promote whoever wins The Call of Duty tournaments to run the armed forces in the future. Kinda scary how out of control it is getting. Not sure how far it will...

I hope this works. This is my first post so we will see. :D Heya bloggers!!!

When the 'name your character' feature goes wrong

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-09-02 2 comments

What you say?!?

Hide this article from your wives...

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-09-01 3 comments

Like it or not body implant tech is coming. The title links to the full article of current (and future of the same) tech that can be used for everything from using chip implants to open your car or home to continually checking your body for cancer. The 9th entry was the most entertaining however. The best part being that the scientist who discovered it is actually trying to get it past FDA regs :). Back pain relieved and I'm spent...

Orgasm Button - A spinal implant designed to alleviate chronic pain has a happy side-effect for some women: it gives them orgasms. The doctor that invented it has patented the design and is trying to convince Medtronic to develop a dedicated remote-control orgasm machine: you’d just push a button or activate an app on your phone and bam, orgasm. The device has also worked for men, and FDA approval is in the works. Expect to pay about $12,000 for one of these on-demand orgasm implants, which are called (seriously) Orgasmatrons.

Artist got an Inkling?

Posted by Bairen On 2011-08-30 2 comments

I saw this come across my twitterfeed the other day from Gabe @ Penny-Arcade. I immediately thought of Ryan and our discussion on his art the other day. I thought I would share:


The Wacom Inkling is a Pen you can use that will store each line as a layer for you to scan as Vector art. Essentially turning your paper into Computer art!

Live Action Portal

Posted by ScrewLoose On 2011-08-27 1 comments

This live action portal video is pretty sweet, if this was expanded to a feature film I would sure as hell go see it.

FPS wake up... Awesome Parent

Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-08-22 2 comments

Silly video but put smile on my face..

EA to Cap SWTOR Sales

Posted by Bairen On 2011-08-19 3 comments

Never in the history of games have I heard that "We are capping Preorder sales" before a launch. But apparently this game has sold so abundantly well that the initial sales will be capped for Preorders.

I've preordered my digital copy already when it was announced, but I keep a lookout for my boys who may want to join us in the future.

A link to Gamespot

Scary thoughts...

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-08-17 2 comments

Panic inducing sensationalism but still not something to be ignored. If factual, we won't need someone to launch the first bomb to end up in nuclear winter for the rest of our lives. Taking away the required governmental restrictions and reasoning from this process is what scares me most. ANYONE could have the power.

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

Lost Odyssey

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-08-16 2 comments

I'm sitting here at my desk at work and can't seem to get it out of my head just how good Lost Odyssey was, not for it's characters, combat and story (which were all great) but one lasting connection I feel. While not forgettable, it's rare that I think of any characters or plot elements from the actual game. I've always thought that the voice work in Lost Odyssey is some of the best to date in any video game but the content holds it back from having a strong impact except in a few scenes that they just nailed in terms of context as well as acting. (Lirum's death for example) But what I find myself constantly thinking back on are Kaim's dreams.

I find it amazing that the dream sequences are almost completely without voice talent and yet feel the most powerful to me. Maybe that's what makes them memorable and allows them to stand on their own as a storytelling pillar for Kaim. The other characters are described as in depth as one would expect for an average person. But even the other immortals are given this, relatively stunted, overview of their lives and actions. The dreams take this the necessary step further to properly portray the joys and horrors that would come with a life of immortality.

It's completely changed my opinion on a game that I didn't recommend to people in the past. It has also morphed my opinion of Kaim, making him easily my favorite character in any game, almost entirely based on the depth of his character as explained by these simple, yet often terribly tragic and heart-rending, stories. By themselves, they may not amount to much but in context they have broadened my emotional connection to, and understanding of, a character like no book or movie ever has. I find that amazing.

Score one for the written word and therefore obscurely, LordJim (damnit)

We Are Here to Protect You

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-08-15 2 comments

Portal jokes aren't dead, they just need time to mature.

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-08-10 2 comments

Altogether classy and humorous video until he decides to change pants. Anyways. I was just happy to see a portal joke that didn't involve cake. Love the boys and girls over at Dorkly.com and DorklyBits are some of the best vids for gaming comedy. Do it. Now.

Oh Fuck

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-08-08 1 comments

You know you're fucked when the skies are dark with spaceships that poop Sith warriors.

The Value of Popularity with the Video Game crowd

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-08-05 1 comments

I've posted this video more for the intro and outro than anything else. It really impresses me the extent people will go to save their little loves. Surgery costs money in some places so this was inspiring for me and mostly just for the clarification that not all video gamers are the twats your play Halo or CoD multiplayer against. Here's to our gaming community, and all the good it does.

Fair Warning

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-08-04 3 comments

Game of Thrones Special Effects

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-08-03 2 comments

Always have been impressed by this sort of thing but after watching the show and then this, I realized how often I could not tell at all that most of the scene was computer generated. Best part is obviously the final 30 seconds on this video as well as the show itself. The transition from skeleton, to simulated bone, then muscle, skin then scene blending was incredible :)

The End is Nigh

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-08-01 4 comments

What's this?  An interesting poll where I can once again see how common sense and good taste will prevail yes?

The clear winner from this list is going to be Sherlock Holmes right?  Happy Feet 2 should be dead last with The Twilight Saga down there somewhere.

What the fuck is wrong with people? At least they would rather see the new MI:Ghost Protocol than Happy Feet 2 (seriously), but Twilight? Really?

Who gives a fuck about sparkly vampires when you can see Robert Downey Jr. mix it up with Professor Moriarty!

Dominion: Cornucopia

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-07-31 2 comments

I'm going to give this new expansion two thumbs up. What's great about this expansion is the focus on carrying a wide array of cards in your hand instead of just piling into whichever supply decks are perceived to be the best in descending order.  Games focusing on this expansion are almost always ended by purchase of the last province.

For people who have all things Dominion, we recommend the following deck that was loads of fun and wealth heavy.  We all managed pretty good scores even with the Jester bringing Curse cards into play.  We built this deck using Cornucopia, Intrigue and Prosperity (because Intrigue has all the base cards you don't need the original Dominion for this build).

Here is our recommended deck:

Treasure and Victory

Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum (Prosperity)
Estate, Duchy, Province

Supply Piles
Secret Chamber (Intrigue)
Hamlet (Cornucopia)
Menagerie (Cornucopia)
Tournament and the 5 Prize cards (Cornucopia)
Horse Traders (Cornucopia)
Jester (Cornucopia)
Harvest (Cornucopia)
Grand Market (Prosperity)
Harem (Intrigue)
Hoard (Prosperity)

Story Driven Board Games

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-07-30 0 comments

Came across a really interesting thread on the use of story in board games (the linked thread).  Since I know a ton of us play games quite frequently I figured I'd put it to the people for a discussion here.

Q: Does immerssive story in boardgames add or detract from the experience?
JPM: I like the amount of story in Betrayal at House on the Hill and Arkham Horror.  I enjoy reading the flavor text on the cards with a little verve to spruce up the game play.

Q: Does a game feel lacking if the theme doesn't have any flavor text?
JPM: hmm.. it always feel to me like Settlers of Catan is a little light on content, being a pure game mechanic style game.  That said, it's an amazing concept mechanic style game that broke us out of the Parker Brothers/Monopoly/Pay Day/Risk mold.  But it seems like it's not required.

There is this game called Tales of the Arabian Nights which I've played once, and it was almost pure narrative mixed in with some pretty basic adventure game elements.  I quite enjoyed it and would like to play it some more but it was quite long.

There are also games like Dominion which allude to having story elements but really contain none and I love that game too.  What do people prefer?  Do people get annoyed by the presence of heavy story elements in what would normally be a "board" game?


Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-07-26 3 comments

Star Wars : The Old Republic

Posted by Bairen On 2011-07-21 3 comments

so i'm abit of a fanatic and am waiting and waiting for this game. It is now available for preorders.

You get a headstart time if you preorder. So I preordered.

Preorders now available at www.swtor.com/preorder


Posted by Bairen On 2011-07-07 5 comments

This sums this up pretty nicely. However, it unlike facebook doesn't seem to crash on me.

Possible future of grocery shopping

Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-07-06 1 comments

I can only hope that we get something like this in north america. Too bad all the asian countries have the cool tech...

Battle of the Kirks

Posted by James Davie On 2011-06-27 0 comments

So, friends? Will it be wily older Kirk, who has learned some patience and has increased cunning, or will it be virile younger Kirk, who can still charm the pants off anything with tits and a penis-friendly orifice?

Happy Friday!

Posted by James Davie On 2011-06-24 0 comments

Die Gungan!

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-06-17 0 comments


Yet another console

Posted by ScrewLoose On 1 comments

Through a series of events I traded my partially dead PS3 for a working xbox 360. (I also picked up another used PS3). For anyone that cares to add me my new gamertag is Technoplunk.

Time to enjoy running through the various xbox exclusives.

Double Header (SLUUUUUTS)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-06-13 3 comments

God, this is funny. I could watch these two forever, they are hilarious.

15 Fuck Crazy Movies

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2 comments

This excerpt from the entry on Mulholand Drive (one of my ALL TIME favorite films) should give you some idea WTF the title link sends you to.  Well worth the read, and I also strongly encourage us to watch a couple movies from this list soon.

Pretty much any film by David Lynch belongs on this list, but lets bundle most of them up in with Mulholland Drive, which is possibly his most acclaimed work. Lets face it, barring maybe Elephant Man and Dune, Lynch’s work is uniquely surrealist, and hard to follow regardless of how well you understand his corpus of productions. Lynch has specifically avoided offering explanations of the goings on in Mulholland Drive, instead intentionally wanting viewers and critics to create their own opinions. Non-linear, bewildering, and inter-cut with seemingly unrelated chunks, it’s hard to follow even at the best of times, yet remains a powerful and influential film.

The MOST EPIC beer commercial EVER!!

Posted by James Davie On 2011-06-10 4 comments

I'm going to Australia...

What the... I don't even..

Posted by Bairen On 2011-06-08 6 comments

So I was randomly going through Youtube from E3 coverage. Watched Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer with Tobuscus. And this popped up on related media.

I had to watch it twice cause i had no idea what the hell just happened.... You'll see once you watch it.


Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-05-30 1 comments

So, I stopped using my iPod touch a few months ago because the battery life was getting depressingly short. As it turns out, I was just constantly adding battery sapping apps to the list of currently open apps. I'm sure you savy kool-aid folks know about this already but I discovered how to shut down a running app today, thereby saving precious battery life.

A double tap of the home button brings up a list of currently running apps. Hold a finger on them until they wiggle (like the delete app process) and click the round minus symbol to stop the app from running.

A WTF Martini

Posted by Clockwork On 2011-05-29 1 comments

ONE PART Magnum P.I. (may replace "Private Investigator" with "Politically Incorrect" - either will work for this recipe)
ONE PART Enter the Ninja

Shake sparingly.

RESULT: a WTF'tacular taste sensation.

I had a little giggle...

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-05-26 0 comments


Posted by James Davie On 2011-05-24 3 comments

...a romantic comedy I actually want to see:

No really, you should watch the trailer. All of it.

RIP: Randy "Macho Man" Savage

Posted by James Davie On 2011-05-21 0 comments

The incomparable Macho Man has died. Apparently he suffered a heart attack while driving and crashed into a tree.

Dead at 58, but will his legacy live on? Oh YEAH!

Weather not looking good for Friday

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-05-18 1 comments

... if I was a citizen of Alderaan.

The planet features pretty prominently in the novel "Deceived" which I'm almost finished.  Then onto the audio book for "Fatal Alliance" followed by a bunch of Warhammer 40k material.  Talk about your sci-fi explodogasmas!


Posted by James Davie On 2011-05-16 2 comments

I died a little inside after watching this video:

Good thing "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," unless of course there's a cell phone with a video camera nearby...

Is Wood Good?

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-05-09 0 comments

"When was the last time you actually finished a game of Monopoly?"

All Along the Frakin Watchtower

Posted by James Davie On 2011-05-06 3 comments

The Sacramento State Jazz Singers perform Jimi Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower, as arranged by Bear McCleary in Battlestar Galactica. Better to listen to than actually watch, but really neat none-the-less!

Where Once I Was Blind

Posted by Kyro Sk On 5 comments

This made me tear up, godam advertising.

Crom curse you if you don't watch this trailer!

Posted by James Davie On 2011-05-05 3 comments

A Six Foot Water Balloon & a Slo-Mo Camera

Posted by James Davie On 0 comments

Found this fun little video on Gizmodo this morning and it made me laugh.

It also made me want a box of six foot balloons, a slo-mo camera and a cunning plan to drop said balloons onto passerby's. Hopefully without killing and/or maiming them.

When music came first

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About 17 years ago, or so, I did a bunch of music journalism for newspapers in Calgary and here at the U of S and I was given some minor insights into the modern music industry. One of the things that has stuck with me is the record label's insistence on a band being pretty and marketable first, and then being good musicians second. I think Ben Folds nailed it when he sang in Rockin the Suburbs, "Some producer with computers fixes all my shitty tracks."
This all came leaping to my mind when I came across the following old video from waaaaay back in the 70's, where the very ugly and obviously stoned/drunk boys from Dr. Hook do a live set on Shel Silverstein's houseboat. These guys are glued, and at points I'm not sure that anything other than dumb luck and sheer willpower are keeping them upright, yet they stay on their feet, and more importantly they nail the live take!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get back to the music first, and the brand second, or third, or not-much-at-all?

Epic Rap Battles of History

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I found myself thinking that this crowd could enjoy this for so many different reasons. It's a diverse giggle fest.

Real-Life Bert

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Now this is just mean. Some FX dude decided to create a real-life Bert, from Sesame Street.

Now all I can do is imagine him lurking in the alley next to Oscar's garbage can, asking children if they'd like some candy.
Ugh, I think I need to go shower...

May I introduce you to the next 4 years

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The Abridged Royal Wedding

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This is all of the Royal Wedding that I saw. And it's also the best Royal Wedding video you will see!

"Y'all right geezer?"  LOL

How It's Done (Presonus S1 Pro)

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Ever wonder how they get that 'swing' sound into music?

How do those external MIDI keyboards work with a modern DAW like Presonus Studio One?

For those about to vote

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Hey everyone. I was listening to CBC news and they were talking about this website that they developed through the news section called "Vote Compass". The short of what it is is a quick questionnaire of your views on certain topics, then shows which party you are aligned too. By no means is it showing you how to vote, but if you are unsure on which way you are leaning, this might help. It only takes about 5 minutes.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, even if you don't do this, get out there and vote on Monday if you haven't already.


Breast Friends

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I counter your political post with BOOBIES!

Actually this is from a fun little article on Gizmodo counting down 14 Thingamabobs for Your Boobs. Worth a watch and chuckle. Then you can go back to the political boobs.

For an evil fucking bastard...

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.. he makes some really valid points.

When did Trump become such a fucking clown? I can't wait to see him get torn apart in the real political arena. 2012 is shaping up to be one fuckuva year, you can take that to the bank (assuming there ARE any banks by the end of 2012).

Interesting Un-Factoid: If you look up all the synonyms for "Obama Administration" you find:
disappointment, dissatisfaction, disaffected, failure, lost cause, hopeless, dismay, dismal

(did I miss any?)

OMFG!! Mini-Crossbow? Yes, please!!

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This thing is completely nuts. And awesome. And would totally complement my ninja arsenal!

You can send FLAMING mini-bolts!!!!!

It's Freaky Friday 2

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Oh wait, no it's not. It's some show called The Change-Up. It stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, and while I'm not sure if I'll ever actually watch the film, I sure am glad I watched the following red-band trailer, cuz there are some classic lines in there, including one about taint that I'm sure will live in infamy for quite some time.

As noted above, this is a Red-Band trailer so if you're watching at work, wear headphones.

Ponies Don't Like No Nazis!

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Now this is how you do My Little Ponies!

Mortal Kombat is back

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So for those of you are not aware of the pitch that was made to relaunch the Mortal Kombat series, a year ago someone made this short.

The result was the following web series. There have only been two episodes thus far, but they are pretty good. Here are the first two, and well worth the time to watch.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Here comes the Rail Gun!

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"We were launching hypersonic bricks at Mach 5."
Time to meet the newest entry into the Rail Gun game, a hot topic among defense contractors the world over. This video features the testing of a new gun and dear god the power of the thing is utterly terrifying! You can shoot through an inch of steel AND THEN kill a target up to 7 miles away!!!
I want one...

Via Defense Tech

Talk about a.... wait for it.....

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Puns are the lowest form of funny stuff.

It all makes sense

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my Legacy will live on

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Just wanted to share in the celebration of the unveiling of the first public instance of the use of my term 100%ing. I'm a bit disappointed, obviously, with the fact that the subject matter of the article is Pokemon and people who play Pokemon being insane but.... On the plus side, it's in an article (the title no less) by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw so in my mind it's still a win.

Just 100%ed Starcraft, now on to Brood Wars, shortly followed by Wings of Liberty.

Geeky Pillow Talk

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Suddenly I feel slightly less geeky...

Mildly NSFW for some suggestive language. So, like, use headphones.

All star cameo

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This should be great, assuming that you like the group...

The Answer....no matter the question

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Someone made these and stuck them up everywhere one day. Best conversation ender ever.

Chapter & Verse

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I love audiobooks. Thanks to audiobooks I still manage to get through an average of 4 - 6 books each month. Both me and the Mrs. fall asleep to audiobooks every night. They make a walk go by quicker and mindless work more enjoyable.
I know that there are a few Schitt-heds out there who also enjoy audiobooks on their iDevice which is why I thought I'd share this awesome piece of FREE software I recently discovered.
It's called Chapter and Verse and it's the audiobook software you've been looking for.

Using this great little program you can take a downloaded audiobook (usually in mp3), merge the files, convert them to m4b (for iDevices), add chapters, add all the metadata you could want, and merge it all into one nice file ready to be enjoyed.
As an alternate, you may also like the piece of software I used to use before discovering Chapter and Verse. It's called Mp3 to Ipod and while not as feature filled, it is an excellent tool for creating audiobooks.
More questions about audiobooks and related resources? Chuck em into the comments and I'll answer what I can for everybody.
Happy listening!

George Takei should be Spiderman!

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Oh hell yes!
If you haven't heard yet there is a Spiderman Broadway musical, with music by Bono and the Edge, and apparently it sucks ass. What a shock...
The production has had numerous problems with injuries, the director being fired, the debut being continuously pushed back, and as previously mentioned, a high level of suckage.
How to solve the problem? That's easy, hire George Takei! Here's his audition tape.

He has great insurance!

If you're not already crazy...

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...You will be after taking the Pierley/Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic. It's an odd test with a bunch of glowy, throbbing shapes and seemingly random questions.

I'm not entirely sure that I haven't been reprogrammed into the perfect assassin, so if I off someone important you all now know that it wasn't me doing the killing. Unless it was one of my clients, then yeah, it was totally me.

DIY Tilt-Shift - CRAZY

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I love that Bill gets the last word...

Too bad they aren't real ads.

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I came across these in my internet journeys, they are from a graphic artist that was just playing around with a friend. Originally they had the logo and name of the Smithsonian Museum on them, but then the Smithsonian asked her to remove their name. Too bad real institutes don't have the balls to do ads like these.

Canadian Idiot

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I didn't know Weird Al did a parody of American Idiot until today (the day I scared the new Scottish guy by playing Dare To Be Stupid at him Ninja Style from 3 inches away).
But Al did indeed parody the Green Day song, and it's probably one of the better pokin-fun-at-the-canucks songs I've ever heard.

Cool Spring's Lament

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  Clouds drift through sunrise

  Snow melting warmth is obscured

  Greening dreams endure


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The least common denominator

Journalist H.L. Mencken was a fierce critic of democrazy, arguing that it prevented the better sort of man from reshaping society. In 1920, he wrote:

The larger the mob, the harder the test. In small areas, before small electorates, a first-rate man occasionally fights his way through, carrying even the mob with him by force of his personality. But when the field is nationwide, and the fight must be waged chiefly at second and third hand, and the force of personality cannot so readily make itself felt, then all the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most easily adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum.

The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men.

As democrazy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

Dance Ninja Assassin

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This guy has probably been shot by the time you see this video, so enjoy it for posterity.

TVTrigger Takes Care of your TV Torrents for you!

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TVTrigger is the program that all us TV downloaders have been waiting for. Essentially, the program is a Bittorrent client that specializes in TV shows. The slick interface makes it easy for you to track down your favourite shows from over 3000 options. It provides detailed info on the show, trailers, soundtracks, cast, episode guide and more. Even better, when you choose your favourite shows you can quickly and easily have the program automatically download new episodes for you when they air, so that the show is ready to watch when you are.

I'm still in the process of testing the software out, but first impressions are quite good. I had it downloaded and set-up with 5 different shows within 10 minutes, and it was downloading the episode of Survivor about 30 seconds after I put Survivor into my list of favourites.

Easy-to-use and so-far effective, TVTrigger gets your shows to you when you want them!

AMAZING YouTube MashUp Music Video

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This is bloody amazing. Some resourceful dude mashed up a bunch of YouTube videos to create this catchy, jazzy tune. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Ebooks and Self-Publishing

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I found this conversation between authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath to be extremely interesting about the state of the publishing industry. Some highlights include:

  • One of them turning down a half million dollar contract from a publisher to instead self publish

  • Monkey/frog rape

  • 27 of the top 100 books on Amazon are self published

  • New York Times list ignores self published books despite some of them being the highest sellers

  • Inability for publishers to release digital copies of older books

Note: this is a long long conversation but well worth the read

The Sheen Effect

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There's the age old argument about whether what kids see on TV (or play in video games, yada, yada) will have an adverse effect on them - or not. Well I've long been a proponent of the YES vote. This makes my point nicely, I think.

I can't wait for Halloween!

Dip it in Yogurt? The Alan Rickman song

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A worthy song for a worthy actor

FPS Mario

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Some demented genius took the original Super Mario Brothers and reimagined it as a shooter.

The guy gets bonus points for giving my wife motion sickness.

Joy from the simplest things

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As i go through my days, Itry to find stuff to bring a smile to my face and others. This one was shared by a friend of mine, and then I saw it on G4.

I am a huge fan of Frost and Pegg. I plan to go see Paul sometime soon. As I loved Hot Fuzz, and Shaun of the Dead.

Work Life Balance

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Work-life balance, says Nigel Marsh, is too important to be left in the hands of your employer. At TEDxSydney, Marsh lays out an ideal day balanced between family time, personal time and productivity -- and offers some stirring encouragement to make it happen.

(Nigel Marsh is the author of "Fat, Forty and Fired" and "Overworked and Underlaid.")

Greater than a gamer....

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I just wanted to make sure Pseudorequiem knew this ;)

Greater than a ninja....

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I just wanted to make sure you all knew this :)

Club Villain: "Go Megatron"

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Catchy song. Fun video. Quotable lines: "Lord Voldemort greeted Vader with a fist pound."

Now dance bitches!!

Using QR Codes?

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I've just started to get into QR codes a bit.  In case you don't know what they are, they are a visual hyperlink emblem that can be scanned by any modern smart phone/device equipped with a camera and a program for scanning.

I use ScanLife, but I hear that QuickMark is also a good one, as is the one made by Kaywa (they have a service that let's you create your own QR codes, should you need them for marketing material).  All of these apps are readily available from the application store of choice for your device.

I think this is the way of the future.  Soon, URLs won't be used on marketing publication materials, instead the ubiquitous QR code will begin to appear on all media be it print, TV or billboard style.  I even heard that they've been used successfully on the sides of buildings to advertise the commercial space as available with all of the terms/costs.

Grab an app for BlackBerry, any android device, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and give it a try:


How fucking sweet was that?

Star Trek: What's On Spock's Scanner?

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What indeed? Enjoy this odd, well-edited little video...

Fantastic Evening

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Last night I had a great experience. I was working on campus and was to set up one of the lecture halls for a guest speaker. I work on campus in the Media Access department (yes, I am the A/V guy). I went to the lecture hall to meet the speaker and set it up to how they wanted it. To my surprise the guest speaker was Bob McDonald from Quirks and Quarks. After setting it up we ended up sitting for about 10 minutes just chatting. It was a slow night and I stayed to watch his presentation which was highly entertaining. After the presentation I felt a bit star struck and got my picture taken with him (notice the shit eating grin I have).

I know that many of you are going to either comment on the fact that he isn't a celebrity (or a large one at that) so why were you star struck, but he had a huge impact on my decision to want to be a highschool biology teacher. It is because of him and one other TV personality, John Acorn, that my passion for science and nature grew when I was a kid. Meeting him made me feel like a kid again, and listening to his lecture really affirmed my decision on education. The short take home from his lecture I would like to share with you, and you can really apply it to all facets. No matter how much we know, or think we know, there is always more to learn. Don't stop questioning or learning.

Thanks for reading, just felt like sharing that with you all.

Finish Him!!

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-03-06 6 comments

I've recently been forced to face the truth that it's not the starting of something that is so hard.  Nor is the process of brainstorming good ideas significantly difficult.

The challenge is in the finishing of things.

One of the by products of our fast-food, disposable culture is the unrelenting flood of human waste caused by the unceasingly incomplete.  Time and time again, a great idea or kernel of a fantastic project, is set aside because the creator does not have the discipline (or enough disciples natch) to see it across the finish line.  Some projects suffer death by committee where the creator cannot overcome the resistance thrown up by others.

I'm not pointing any fingers here, I'm probably one of the worst offenders.

After receiving a low disk space warning on my high performance audio project drive, I was forced to take a look at what the fuck was on there.  What I uncovered was pretty fucking terrifying.  Aside from almost 4GB I recovered by removing all of Ruxpin's* older stuff, I was able to dump almost 18GB of project data that I could see now was NEVER going to be completed.

What was all that shit?  Well, a number of the projects were ideas that I had in a flash and thought I better record it, jot it down, or make an audible note so that I could return to it and finish it up later.  Some of them were bare bones re-mix attempts that I lost interest in and decided to abandon, but a very scary number of them (about 30) were songs that were 80% done, or worse, were 98% done (i.e. complete, but with some obvious lazy mistakes in it I had not bothered to fix) and then  poorly mixed down to a master that I then used once or twice in a rush either DJ'ing or burning to CD to give away.  In retrospect, embarrassing.

The decade of 2000 - 2010 is littered with the remnants of my incomplete projects (audio, and otherwise).

Now, many an artist will tell you that no work is truly finished, only abandoned.  I'm starting to think that's a pile of whining narcissistic self-indulgent horse shit.  It's the kind of marshmallow garbage you would expect from people who complain about deadlines, lament the fact that their work doesn't sell**, and flit from obligation to obligation looking for the 'right fit' for their creative talents.  I think it's fair to say that I'm guilty of subscribing to this view when it was convenient (recheck that second asterisk point below to verify this admission).

What I submit to you is this: a public declaration of commitment to complete forces a person to change their view of their work.  I'm back in my studio again, quite a lot actually, because of changes that started before Christmas.  Two things conspired to get me back in here: a deterioration of my general baseline health status (I believe the laypeople call it 'mortality', I was as shocked as you are that I'm so afflicted), and an opportunity to work with a junior film creator in Prague.

I told that person that I would have a couple of pieces of sound work completed for his short film by a certain date, and by god I had to make good on the commitment because HE in turn had a deadline.  I had to wrap my head around the fact that one way or another, this 'product' had to 'ship' (at this point I'll refer you to Seth Godin).  It was energizing.  It was strangely, counter intuitively, liberating.  I didn't obsess about reaching "when it's perfect", nothing ever is, and this is probably where that artist mantra above comes from.  Instead, I concentrated on "when it's done".

So, for the rest of this year, I'm going to try to think about new projects differently.   Instead of enumerating all of the possibilities each project can entail, I'll frame it in terms of the deliverables I can complete in order to call the project done.

On that note, I would like to re-start the conversation regarding Project Unknown, as proposed by LordJim earlier this year.  I believe the best place to start is to get the interested parties together in a room early on a weekday evening, add a few pints and some munchies, and talk about ideas (we will still need one after all).  Very soon after we have put ideas on the table, I think we will need to make a commitment to some kind of deliverable - a point when we can call the project done.  I am uncertain what the shape of the commitment will be, just as I have no clarity yet about the project we will pursue.  Commitment is scary, I'm scared just thinking about being committed to the completion of this because it means work, but I think it's okay to be scared and I want to participate anyway.

I know we have a bunch of creative, hard working, loving, dedicated people around us.  I know we can get something going, and if we get started I'm going to stay committed to figuring out how we can get that something finished.

Of course, I'm also a sometimes douche-nozzle.

* we had just been lazy about moving his old projects off of my machine, he has been working in Logic on his laptop for almost 2 years now, this transition from one place to another is yet another incomplete project in itself, we wrapped this one up now though
** my work isn't selling right now either, and I do complain about it, so I can fairly be called a hypocrite

So That's How The Ratings System Works!

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It all makes sense now.

Oposable Thumbs Aren't Always Good...

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Be afraid my friends, be afraid...

Nuff Said

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Trend in Movies over the past 20 years

Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-03-01 3 comments

Came across this and it was an interesting read. It talk's about the trend in Hollywood and gives a nice visual reference that movies are getting worse. There is a neat little interactive graph showing the ratings of movies. I like how they categorize the movies and find that in my opinion that the graph is very accurate.

One of the things I'm proud of...

Posted by Mrs.CPM On 2011-02-28 4 comments

Now of course this isn't mine, and although I have many talents ( such as driving Kyro crazy) art is not one of them. People who know me well, might argue and speak of my fabulous ability to paint walls and imprint various parts of my anatomy into the still wet paint. While cool and true, that does not leave quite the same lasting impression as the talent of one Miss Leah Keeler that can be found on Deviant Art.
Leah... she was shy, and more than a little odd ( hmmm.... she would have likely fit in with some of us in high school). In a typical day she would speak to people very infrequently, but could always be seen doodling fantasy characters in her notebooks, or reading.
I knew she had been expanding her art since graduation and was quite pleased to find some of it easily on the DA website.
I understand that she is actually getting paid to create art now - one of her art pieces graces the side of a building in our town.
So this is just one of the things I'm proud of. Not for myself, I had no hand in it, but for her.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Posted by James Davie On 2011-02-25 1 comments

This new Elder Scrolls game is looking freaking unbelievable. Check out the awesome gameplay footage in this new trailer.

In related, and disturbing, news, Bethesda, the makers of the game have announced a "quest" in which if you have a child born on the release date, 11/11/11, and name your child “Dovahkiin” they'll give you some stuff. I'm sorry but no amount of stuff is worth grief that child will someday endure on the playground. Not to mention the insane amount of therapy you'll have to pay for.

Predator Musical

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-02-24 4 comments

A bit slow during the repeated chorus but the Arnie voice and the content verses are great. I didn't have the guts to watch the linked Shindler's List musical...

Edit : Watched the RoboCop one though :) It was also great. Going to have to re-watch those.

Dead Island

Posted by Bairen On 2011-02-17 6 comments

If you guys have not seen this yet you need to. the new trailer for Dead Island.

Regarding Civilization and Marriage

Posted by Mike Diakuw On 2 comments

Loved the Civ review. It really made me think about running out and grabbing it. It also made me think about a piece of writing I did in 2001. It's based on many conversations on the subject of gaming which may or may not have occurred ;) Names of people and games have been omitted to protect the innocent. At the time, I didn't really have an audience that I thought would be interested in it. Perhaps I still don't. Things have changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. I know some of you will be able to relate to my ramblings.

Just a few highlights of my gaming credentials: Pong, Intellevision, Coleco, Arcades, ADAM, Amiga (500, 1200, 4000, RIP), handhelds, PC, MAME, Palm, Clie, Playstations, Cell-phone, Mac, Desktops, Laptops, Mini, iPhone... Of course, that's just the shit I've owned or obsessed over. I had friends with coco, Atari, AppleII, Sega, Nintendo, X-box... ad infinitum.

The above list is to add weight to the following;
Nothing compares to Civ!

Keep fighting the good fight.