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Let's Create Something!

Posted by James Davie On 2011-01-24 7 comments

Hey Schitt-heads! Most of you hosers I know personally, some I don't know at all, but the following invitation is open (for the time being) to anyone who you think may want to contribute.
Those who do know me know that for the last couple years I've been periodically mumbling about wanting to do something creative with my friends. In an ideal world this is something marketable, that could potentially lead towards creating something successful enough to allow us to work for ourselves. Naturally, no one bothered to bring my dream to life, so I'm taking the reins and seeing if we can't get this ball rolling!
I want to create something in collaboration with my friends and I don't care what, yet. This is about leveraging our collective skills and interests to make something that intrigues us. 

For now I'm just looking to see who is interested, what they can bring to the table, and suggestions for a project or projects.

So, for me, I write for a living and have experience with all kinds of writing for most mediums. I have experience as a voice actor, producer, director, casting director. My interests tend towards pop culture, history, religion, video games, movies and cooking. I'm interested in producing a film, video game, app, comic book and that's all that's leaping to mind at the moment.

Now, it's your turn. Jump aboard and let's take control of our futures!