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Icehouse (and other) Games

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-08-24 5 comments

The Diakuw game crew arrived at 8pm last night and we dove straight in and played some really cool stuff last night. Most notable was the colorful and somewhat abstract Icehouse pyramid style games. These games were mentally provacative, though I'm not sure I could regularly play loosely structures games such as these. Morgan was big on them though, so I will likely order a set or two. The 'speed play' (or RTS for you hardcore video gamers) mode was particularly unusual.

We followed this up with some Ricochet Robots. This game is fairly one (well, okay technically two) dimensional. There is one kind of thing to do (solve puzzles) but that one thing can be simple or complex and filled with little neat tricks to get the job done. In a last minute coup, Rainswept was able to steal my triumphant thunder and rob me of the win.

After that I dragged us into some Condottiere - a game that I have sorta fallen for, but I can't tell you why. Maybe it is like a summer love of youth or something analogous. In any event, I was once again totally unable to capture a victory in this game, so I will probably continue to ask people to play it with me until I either win once or burn it in my firepit in the backyard.

I also got all my Jovian Chronicles RPG stuff sorted out last night. It is heavy cool. I'm going to run a JC game for Vin and any others who think they might dig. Morgan has said she is interested but I would still gladly take one or two more players.