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If you're busted, OWN it, like Conan

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-09-30 1 comments

Sorry in advance for the lame commercials you're forced to watch on TeamCoCo clips, but I assure you it's worth it if you haven't seen it.

Get in the Tunnel

Posted by James Davie On 2011-09-26 5 comments

Meet Tunnelbear, your new online best friend.
This brilliant little Canadian designed app creates a VPN allowing to you view country specific online content that you couldn't watch before. It's stupidly simple to sue, with two buttons: on/off and UK/US. Now you can watch BBC videos, or Hulu or Spotify as if you were in the states or the UK.

The free version only gives you 500MB, but if you are needing more the paid version is only $5/month for unlimited content. What a fantastic idea! These guys are going to be millionaires soon!

Local Page Updates, Games

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-09-25 5 comments

Does anybody use a good iPhone / online tracking tool for keeping track of what videogames they've got, beaten, given up on, lent out, wrapped, sold, beat a second time, etc...?

Also, these pages have been recently updated:

RRoD Survivors

Anybody out there got games they are willing to lend/trade?  I've still got a couple of Screwloose's games to return to him and I think a few people still have a game or two of mine.  I'm happy to trade/lend PS3 or XBox360 games.


Ambience, Umlaut Style

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-09-24 0 comments

It was bound to happen, as I continued to experiment with ambient music I knew I wouldn't be happy releasing it under the name "Kyro". Then one day in a fit of twitter nonsense I arrived at the following equation:

möbius loop + double entendre = möbius entendre

Möbius Entendre - Return to Neptune (ver.3) by möbius entendre

I liked it so much, I decided to use it as my ambient pseudonym. As DKellowz pointed out in a hashtag followup - #justifiedUmlautFTW - which only served to make me think of the KLF and the Justified Ancients of MuMu (otherwise known as "The Jams") and I was sold on it.

Feels good to finish a track even if it's not related to any current on-going projects (all of which need real attention soon, and I'm aware of that). But right now, the question is: what's for lunch?

You're crazy if....

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-09-16 3 comments

.... you don't have Portal already. But here's your chance to get it. It's absolutely free on Steam until the 20th supposedly. Just so everyone knows, Portal is worth making a Steam account for if you don't have one. It's also worth paying the full price of the orange box just for it alone. So go do it. And tell everyone who hasn't done it who knows how to use a mouse to go do it too. I love Valve. Create hype for a current product by giving away it's "old" version. Now if they'd just stop fucking around and make my hl2 episode 3 or even just jump straight into hl3 that'd be much gooder.

Sidenote : Steam and many games play on Macs so don't count yourself out if you're a kool-aid swilling tech twitch. Boom.

Audio Delights

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 0 comments

I'm not sure if I heard about this tool from this blog or one of you folks to begin with, but ListenToYouTube.com has been my only source for mp3 music, comedy etc for about a year now and I still can't get over how easy it is. If you aren't using it, do it. Now!

Also, if anyone wants to add music to any video and make it seem like a movie preview, use Lux Aeterna (the Two Towers remix). You could cut lawn bowling clips into that tune and have it be epic.

It's not so bad that it takes up my move....

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-09-13 2 comments

10 Year Old Generals?

Posted by wilkanomics On 2011-09-06 4 comments

Maybe they could promote whoever wins The Call of Duty tournaments to run the armed forces in the future. Kinda scary how out of control it is getting. Not sure how far it will...

I hope this works. This is my first post so we will see. :D Heya bloggers!!!

When the 'name your character' feature goes wrong

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-09-02 2 comments

What you say?!?

Hide this article from your wives...

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-09-01 3 comments

Like it or not body implant tech is coming. The title links to the full article of current (and future of the same) tech that can be used for everything from using chip implants to open your car or home to continually checking your body for cancer. The 9th entry was the most entertaining however. The best part being that the scientist who discovered it is actually trying to get it past FDA regs :). Back pain relieved and I'm spent...

Orgasm Button - A spinal implant designed to alleviate chronic pain has a happy side-effect for some women: it gives them orgasms. The doctor that invented it has patented the design and is trying to convince Medtronic to develop a dedicated remote-control orgasm machine: you’d just push a button or activate an app on your phone and bam, orgasm. The device has also worked for men, and FDA approval is in the works. Expect to pay about $12,000 for one of these on-demand orgasm implants, which are called (seriously) Orgasmatrons.