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Dominion: Cornucopia

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-07-31 2 comments

I'm going to give this new expansion two thumbs up. What's great about this expansion is the focus on carrying a wide array of cards in your hand instead of just piling into whichever supply decks are perceived to be the best in descending order.  Games focusing on this expansion are almost always ended by purchase of the last province.

For people who have all things Dominion, we recommend the following deck that was loads of fun and wealth heavy.  We all managed pretty good scores even with the Jester bringing Curse cards into play.  We built this deck using Cornucopia, Intrigue and Prosperity (because Intrigue has all the base cards you don't need the original Dominion for this build).

Here is our recommended deck:

Treasure and Victory

Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum (Prosperity)
Estate, Duchy, Province

Supply Piles
Secret Chamber (Intrigue)
Hamlet (Cornucopia)
Menagerie (Cornucopia)
Tournament and the 5 Prize cards (Cornucopia)
Horse Traders (Cornucopia)
Jester (Cornucopia)
Harvest (Cornucopia)
Grand Market (Prosperity)
Harem (Intrigue)
Hoard (Prosperity)

Story Driven Board Games

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-07-30 0 comments

Came across a really interesting thread on the use of story in board games (the linked thread).  Since I know a ton of us play games quite frequently I figured I'd put it to the people for a discussion here.

Q: Does immerssive story in boardgames add or detract from the experience?
JPM: I like the amount of story in Betrayal at House on the Hill and Arkham Horror.  I enjoy reading the flavor text on the cards with a little verve to spruce up the game play.

Q: Does a game feel lacking if the theme doesn't have any flavor text?
JPM: hmm.. it always feel to me like Settlers of Catan is a little light on content, being a pure game mechanic style game.  That said, it's an amazing concept mechanic style game that broke us out of the Parker Brothers/Monopoly/Pay Day/Risk mold.  But it seems like it's not required.

There is this game called Tales of the Arabian Nights which I've played once, and it was almost pure narrative mixed in with some pretty basic adventure game elements.  I quite enjoyed it and would like to play it some more but it was quite long.

There are also games like Dominion which allude to having story elements but really contain none and I love that game too.  What do people prefer?  Do people get annoyed by the presence of heavy story elements in what would normally be a "board" game?


Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-07-26 3 comments

Star Wars : The Old Republic

Posted by Bairen On 2011-07-21 3 comments

so i'm abit of a fanatic and am waiting and waiting for this game. It is now available for preorders.

You get a headstart time if you preorder. So I preordered.

Preorders now available at www.swtor.com/preorder


Posted by Bairen On 2011-07-07 5 comments

This sums this up pretty nicely. However, it unlike facebook doesn't seem to crash on me.

Possible future of grocery shopping

Posted by Selbonaut On 2011-07-06 1 comments

I can only hope that we get something like this in north america. Too bad all the asian countries have the cool tech...