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(Gno) Handlebars

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2010-08-29 3 comments

I know this is old news, but I had never seen the video for it until tonight.  It's pretty politically charged, I'm a big fan of the way it ends.

Back on my radar (octaNe)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2010-08-21 2 comments

I'm interested in doing a couple sessions of this with some drinking.  A sorta 'party-game' for the RPG crowd if you know what I mean.  More details to follow this fall....

My 20's Were NOT Time Well Wasted...

Posted by James Davie On 2010-08-20 2 comments

...At least according to some totally awesome scientists, who state, "that countless studies show that hallucinogens promote healthy neural activity in the brain."
Hell yes! I wasn't tripping, I was finding oneness and promoting my mental well-being!
Here's a chart, a real official-looking one!This shows my, er, subjects states of mind when on LSD or Ketamine. Turns out that Vitamin K is good for depression, and Acid is very helpful treating OCD.

I am so proud of myself right now for the responsible decisions I made in my younger days!


Posted by km_f5 On 2010-08-19 3 comments

Before the Lord scoops this one ;)

This has been killing me for months

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2010-08-18 3 comments

10.4: A simple way to copy the path to a file or folder
Authored by: jhaslam on Jan 04, '08 03:24:34PM
Don't know if this works in 10.4 but it seems to work in 10.5:  works like a charm

1. Click on the file or folder you want the path for
2. Click on 'Finder' in the menu bar
3. 'Services'
4. 'TextEdit'
5. 'New Window containing Selection'

A TextEdit window opens with the text (hyperlink) of the path, e.g. /Users/Jim/Music/file.mp3

Quite quick and easy!

2.4GHz MacBookPro, 4GB DDR, 10.5.8

3D IMAX Porn is cumming!

Posted by James Davie On 2010-08-17 3 comments

You will, I hope, pardon my bad pun. I couldn't help myself, it was too damn easy.
But yes, as noted in the title, and the link, the first ever 3D IMAX porn is being filmed. As amusing as I find the idea, it also terrifies me a little bit. I watched My Bloody Valentine 3D in theaters a while back and there is a scene with a full frontal naked girl running around for about ten minutes that enthralled me with bouncy 3D boobies. But that was one brief scene.

Now imagine IMAX, in 3D, and an entire porn movie. "Aghh, there's a 60 foot penis swinging at my head!" or "Oh, she's going cowgirl, my favourite!" then 2 minutes later, "Oh my god she needs to stop, I've got whiplash from watching those ginormous bouncing boobies." Or, just try and imagine a tsunami of semen raging forth in glorious 3D onto you. You'd be crawling over your seat in desperation, looking for a flotation device (aside from the ginormous boobs). And let's not forget the damage to self-esteem everywhere from seeing cocks the size of a bus and tits big enough to open a bed and breakfast in.


Letterman Looks Terrible

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2010-08-12 2 comments

This photo of him looks 137% better than he did tonight on T.V.


Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2010-08-05 1 comments

My look back at older games yesterday got me in a nostalgic mood and I happened to remember the first "board game" I ever played (by choice that is, snakes and ladders doesn't count). There were times that I wondered where all the gaming love began. Now I know it all stemmed from Mastermind.

As Seanbaby once said, "Romance is like playing Mastermind except the girl never tells you which pegs you got right."

Oh, and sidenote, "Everything unrelated to Elephants is irrelephant" is admittedly the coolest thing I've seen on a t-shirt in a long time. Too bad it will get overused and old while I blissfully ignore the fact that the joke is related incestuously to a pun. Still have to make my Yeshua t-shirt....

100 Percenting as you read this.

Cowardly & suspicious folks, your days are numbered...

Posted by James Davie On 2 comments

And that number is somewhere between 390 - 520.

Batman: Arkham City. Kickin's some fucking ass Fall 2011!
There's your frickin' Hello Kitty picture too.

Monkeys, Robots, Shadows and Shadowgate

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2010-08-04 3 comments

There are a few games from way back that still hold a special place for me. Usually they end up being the first game of any particular genre that I liked. Red Alert for RTS, Jedi Knight for FPS or FF7 for RPG. Strangely though, I find that I can remember every point and click adventure game I've ever played. When I was playing games as a youngster, our family had dial up internet and because of that, I hadn't explored the possibilities of the internet. So, when I played a game and I got stuck, either my friend knew how to do it or I stayed stuck. That made it all the sweeter when the light bulb finally came on. And for me, that moment has always been way more rewarding in point and clicks.

My first P&C experience wasn't even technically a point and click adventure game. At least not 100% because you don't click with an NES controller. The game was Shadowgate and it took me and my entire family many a session to take it down. I think these games appeal to my personality because I enjoy a riddle and I don't mind thinking about it for a few hours before getting a hint. The accomplishment comes from persevering until success and even more so from bending your mind into patterns that transcend your normal ways of processing.

Anyways, that's my beginnings and the reasoning but I guess I'm kind of just randomly throwing down here. The point of all this is that, very recently, I've been amazed by the number of games coming out that either are true P&C adventures or that emulate the key concepts. Those being simplicity of technology and, to offset that, extreme depth of thought and difficulty requirements. Monkey Island comes to mind for an older version of this particular aspect of games that I enjoy. Whether you played the original or not, I recommend the remake even if you're only remotely interested. If you've never played it, you'll only miss out on a few inside jokes that don't matter much anyways, and now that I think about it, the remake has a setting where you can revert the game back to it's original version and play through that way too. If you're not into that, however, and you're looking for a completely new mind bender, I recommend Machinarium. I'm not going to take anything away from this one by describing it. Hit the site and play the demo.


The world is flooded with shooters and sandbox games where you have to be a complete idiot (or make a fairly serious misstep) to even come close to dying. One of the best parts of video games are that you can die without consequence. Sometimes, it's just great fun to do so in very imaginative ways. So why not promote that. Limbo for XBLA is a recent game that captures that aspect pretty solidly and though I've yet to play it, I know I will be shortly. Viscous. Go watch a trailer or if you've got Xbox Live go get the demo. (Escapist Magazine's review of Limbo)


Oh, and did I mention how dark the gameplay is in Limbo. I love games that creep me out. And as a side note, the music in Machinarium is excellent.

Braid, of course, gets honorable mention for being difficult and mind altering but it didn't have enough of the aspects of the old school games that I really relish. Also, it had time reverse and bullet time which is starting to get on my nerves as a game gimmick. Great concepts and usage in Max Payne and Sands of Time but everything after that has been meh to me. We'll see if Singularity's new take on it can work...

In closing, if there are any games that fit this concept that you've seen or played recently, let me know. I'm always looking out for the next challenge.

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A Short History of Wandering Monsters

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2010-08-03 1 comments

Alien Swarm

Posted by Kyro Sk On 0 comments

This "not an FPS" uses FPS controls and is currently being distributed via STEAM for free. I think it's only a Windows game currently, which is kinda too bad, but it's totally worth a look. I've got it installed if anybody wants to try to set up a game session.