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To Jay with love....

Posted by Clockwork On 2008-06-26 2 comments

Snail Mail Isn't Dead!

Posted by Toad008 On 2008-06-24 1 comments

I was glad to see that real snail mail isn't dead. I've sent a message and we'll see how long it takes to get to it's destination.

I enjoy those technologies that don't really have a purpose, other than interest / entertainment. I'll let you know when I get the delivery.

Perry Bible Fellowship

Posted by Clockwork On 0 comments

Click here for more off kilter hilarity.

Firefox 3 Released Today

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2008-06-18 2 comments

Welcome to the future of web browsing.
Features vs. IE!

I'm going to download and check it out today. If anybody has any observations about it, good or bad, please post here.

Tim Donaghy Scandal

Posted by Clockwork On 2008-06-13 1 comments

For anyone who has ever questioned the integrity of professional sports, this article is for you. (The bimbo above was just to get your attention.)

Canada Day BBQ @ PM's

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2008-06-11 3 comments

Please come out to our place Friday July 4th for our multipurpose, multinational, festivities.
We're bundling together all kinds of reason to get a fresh slice of alright or open some new cans of whoop-ass, to wit:

  • [late] Canada Day
  • Independence Day (for our friends who have a little south of border going on)
  • and at least one birthday
  • the beginning of summer (okay, this is pushing it, but I'm looking forward to summer)
We want to kick off with BBQ and beers at around 6pm, and plan to have a pit fire going, some RockBand, maybe a boardgame or two and/or some cards. Ultimately, we'll be working up to some fireworks before or around 11pm. My goal is to do at least double the show we did last year, and I thought that last years fireteam did a pretty good job of not quite burning the whole town to the ground.

It's bring you own meat, and if you want to contribute a side dish to the cause, that would be greatly appreciated (but we should only need a couple things, so not everybody should bring - maybe post here if you plan to bring something).

Last year, I asked people to consider throwing $5 to $20 at me (whatever you are comfortable with, if money is tight, $0 is okay) to cover costs for the aforementioned explosive joy. I think I'll ask the same this year if that's alright. Might even be lights and music this year ;)

Looking forward to seeing everybody that Friday, let's hope we get some good weather.

Treat yourself!

Posted by km_f5 On 2008-06-08 0 comments

Cheered me up...! and then I remembered the Kermit videos... ;;

Big Buck Bunny from Blender Foundation on Vimeo.

Buy growth hormones!

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2008-06-01 0 comments

You have to check it out, I don't know what to say about it.