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We Are the Toys

Posted by James Davie On 2007-12-21 1 comments

Sorry Gang,

No image on this one (still trying to figure out the Mac I now use at my new work).
Make sure you have sound and enjoy!

Marginally NSFW (but only if you're in a very conservative environment).

Should be especially relevant to you Gen Xers.

Now that I work in advertising I'll be periodically posting the best damn ads there are up here.

In the meantime:

Enjoy, We Are The Toys, and happy holidays!

AVGN does Christmas (part 1)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-12-19 5 comments


Shatner, Mini-me and the T

Posted by Clockwork On 2007-12-17 0 comments

In case you haven't seen them...treat yourself.

are they seriously serious?!?

Posted by Rippin Kittin On 2007-12-14 4 comments

Saw a trailer for this on TV last night. All I can do is shake my head...

It's Coming...

Posted by James Davie On 2007-12-13 4 comments

Dragonlance: Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight
I'm reserving judgement on this one until I see it - in January!

Dungeon Siege, The Movie

Posted by Phoenix On 2007-12-12 4 comments

Thought some of you might be interested in seeing this one, a couple big names on the cast list.

Christmas Day Night (25th)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-12-11 2 comments

I think it's okay to still say Merry Christmas! around here, so I would like to start by wishing everybody such.

It sure has been another totally crazy year. Hard to believe where things are at considering where they were - if you take my meaning. I'd like to extend a warm invitation for all friends (who are really more like family) to please come by our place the night of Christmas Day after you are finished visiting with family.
We should be ready to receive people around 7pm or so if you are so inclined. We will have decorations up and Christmas music in play. Bring anything you like with you, stay as late as you'd like to, I'm usually up until around 3 or 4 on this night.

Merry Holidays, Seasons Happiness and Christmas Greetings (or some other conjugations of those terms that best suit). Hopefully we see all of you that night!

UT3 for PS3 to have mouse/keyboard support

Posted by Clockwork On 2007-12-06 3 comments

While this is an older review, the promise of 'true' FPS gaming on the PS3 peaked my interest. Here's what the reviewer posted on the subject:

"For those of you hardcore PC purists, mouse and keyboard controls will be available in the PS3 version through the USB ports on the front of the machine. In addition, the Sixaxis controller will get its usual nod and the motion sensor can be used to control where you look. The Sony rep apologized for it not being accessible on the demo I was playing, and he suggested that it was actually very accurate once you got the hang of it."

I think I'll wait on the FragFX.

Fear The Mighty Ninja!

Posted by James Davie On 2007-12-05 0 comments

Greetings Young Apprentices,

You are cordially invited to become, for this one special day, a ninja!
Embrace your inner shadow and know the tranquility that overcomes one after performing an unobserved assassination!

You must bring your own shuriken, be prepared to spill blood (yours and others) and a healthy hatred of pirates (damn scurvy dogs!)

Check the link above for more info, including:
How to make a Ninja hood from a T-shirt
How to make paper shuriken
And of course: take THE QUIZ!

Welcome to the shadows my friends...

Contract out on Schitt Heads

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2 comments

Open call for schitt heads.

The plan is for food at Winstons and movie at Galaxy (Hitman) TONIGHT
The details:

  • meet at 6pm (or a little earlier) at Winstons for food
  • see the 7:15pm showing of Hitman (the movie) at Galaxy
Currently Rainswept, Wilknaomics and myself are signed on for the trip, but we are looking for other victims. Food and Movie, or just Food, or just Movie - use your imagination. Maybe post here if you can make it.