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TVTrigger Takes Care of your TV Torrents for you!

Posted by James Davie On 2011-03-24 4 comments

TVTrigger is the program that all us TV downloaders have been waiting for. Essentially, the program is a Bittorrent client that specializes in TV shows. The slick interface makes it easy for you to track down your favourite shows from over 3000 options. It provides detailed info on the show, trailers, soundtracks, cast, episode guide and more. Even better, when you choose your favourite shows you can quickly and easily have the program automatically download new episodes for you when they air, so that the show is ready to watch when you are.

I'm still in the process of testing the software out, but first impressions are quite good. I had it downloaded and set-up with 5 different shows within 10 minutes, and it was downloading the episode of Survivor about 30 seconds after I put Survivor into my list of favourites.

Easy-to-use and so-far effective, TVTrigger gets your shows to you when you want them!