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Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2010-08-05 1 comments

My look back at older games yesterday got me in a nostalgic mood and I happened to remember the first "board game" I ever played (by choice that is, snakes and ladders doesn't count). There were times that I wondered where all the gaming love began. Now I know it all stemmed from Mastermind.

As Seanbaby once said, "Romance is like playing Mastermind except the girl never tells you which pegs you got right."

Oh, and sidenote, "Everything unrelated to Elephants is irrelephant" is admittedly the coolest thing I've seen on a t-shirt in a long time. Too bad it will get overused and old while I blissfully ignore the fact that the joke is related incestuously to a pun. Still have to make my Yeshua t-shirt....

100 Percenting as you read this.

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