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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2010-06-01 0 comments

Total Time: 19:43:54

Time Spent at Red Alert: 3:01:48

Total Destruction: (B)1.799 Credits
EDF Death Total: 2957

Favorite Weapon: Assault Rifle
Least Favorite: Singularity Bomb
Sledgehammer Kills: 173

RFG is one of your getting-to-be-standard open world games where you can sorta float around and pickup missions occasionally advancing the main story line. I played most of Prototype, and the first couple of hours of inFamous, and I can honestly say something about RFG was far more enjoyable.

Prototype was more gorey and intense, sure, but RFG was sorta charming. Lemme give you an example... When I'd be done wrestling with the dogs after work, I could stand up suddenly, stare at Cary or Morgan with a crazy face à la John Cleese and exclaim "RIGHT! Time to save Mars!"

The graphics are nice and smooth, the vehicles are fun to drive, the buildings are VERY fun to destroy by hand, using the nano-rifle, and by REMOTE charge! For a short time, I indulged in the destruction of civilians using cleverly constructed death traps that they would wander senselessly into, ah, good times... but then the seriousness of the thing over took me, and I realized I had to liberate these mindless plebes (no one else was going to obviously).

Anyway, this game has lots of fun shit - marauders, explosive weapons, blowing shit up, tanks, blowing shit up, nano-forged weapons, blowing shit up and one reasonably sexy sounding female NPC. The music is great, and the end is short but sweet featuring an orbital death weapon (my favorite!).

My kind of game.
You can get it cheaply these days... I think I paid like $24 after tax.

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