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Devo Whips Out A New Album!

Posted by James Davie On 2010-06-16 3 comments

After almost twenty years Devo returns as geriatric, angrier, nerdier, sarcastic nihilists.

I was never a fan of Devo, didn't get much enjoyment out of their music. In fact the only person I personally know who ever listened to Devo for pleasure is Kyro, and his tastes tend to be very, uh, unique to him. (Said with the utmost love and respect for my old friend!)

The link sends you to an article talking about Devo's new album and a wee bit of their history that actually put the band in a much better light for me. I didn't really appreciate just how counter-culture these guys were and still are. They hate commercialism, so much so that they write pop songs dripping with sarcasm to sell to the dumb-ass masses who eat it up, especially in our current climate of Geek-chic.

There are a couple of videos at the link as well, from a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel. I don't like the first single, Fresh, but I do dig the other song, What We Do, I can relate to it.

So read the article, listen to the tunes, get a chuckle, think a bit, grudgingly admit that Kyro is not completely mental (not completely...), and whip it, whip it real good!