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The Day After Yesterday

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2009-12-26 3 comments

Well, it's another Christmas in the books and I have to say that it was a great one. theKid is now full time cellular (unlimited texting, 300 minutes) and we are looking at ditching our landline as of Jan 1st. This means that you will have to call CPMDrama, Kyro or theKid directly on our cells. I think this is a good thing anyway, since our landline has been a call center magnet ever since putting the number on the Canadian DNC List. If you need any of our numbers, please email me and I'll furnish you with all of them.

With the Christmas money that came our way, CPMDrama was able to find us a good camera today, so we've joined the digital camera revolution. I think this means that I'll be twitpic'ing or flikr'ing or whatever soon. I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not yet. It certainly DOES mean that I'll have some high quality pictures of my completed 'falcon to post this week.

Other notables: the entire G.I.Joe cartoon box set w. dog tags (the dog tag is actually a USB key that has a schwack of comics on it), and a baseball style jersey that says 'Las Vegas' on it. When I wear the jersey with the dog tags I look like I'm ready to rumble (could be from the haircut though). Also got some fantastic Yves St. Laurent cologne from CPMDrama.

I'm hoping to play some board games tomorrow afternoon and then checkout some movies tomorrow night, or something. I want to hit Dragon's Den on Monday or Tuesday because they are having their big 40% sale on board games and 'Santa' gave us a Gift Certificate. Not sure what's up for NYE yet, I'm supposed to play a quick set with Ruxpin (Psience DJs) from 10pm to 11.