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O for 2

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2009-01-18 1 comments

It was a terrible day for football sports fans.

In Arizona at 2pm it was the battle of the birds, with the Cardinals and Eagles facing off. Unless some miracle had recently transformed Arizona into a powerhouse, I figured the Eagles would be golden. Of course, Kurt Warner (the bionic man) showed up to play today big time. Even though Donovan would be fairly productive (for a change), it was Warner to Fitzgerald all afternoon. It's a good think I like Warner, it softened the blow.

Well, 1 down, 1 to go; on to the night game... Steelers vs. Ravens, 5:30pm.

Pittsburg with the #1 defence and Baltimore with the #2, this was shaping up to be a low scoring D- struggle. I had visions of Ed Reed flying in as free safety making big interceptions all day, but it just wasn't so. Instead, it was a bunch of Troy Polamalu, and some huge hits that took out Hines Ward (the cheapshot king of football) and Willis McGahee. Sure enough, Flaco showed as rookie in fine style, delivering an "eye, N, tea" during the 4th quarter drive that really mattered. Nice work.

So, I'm oh for two on the weekend and my Eagles are more roast turkey and less bird of prey. In two weeks it'll be Arizona vs. Pittsburg - just like nobody predicted*. At least Warner gets another shot at the big game, I love that guy. Instead of my Eagles Jersey in two weeks, I'll be wearing #13 (but it won't be red and white it'll be blue and gold like in XXXIV).

* I really mean nobody. If you'd asked ANY 50 people in the know of the football world who was going to Tampa Bay in the post season, exactly ZERO of them would have said Arizona vs anybody.

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