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Enemies Everywhere (Princeton)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2008-02-23 4 comments

Those bastards at Princeton are back to undermining north americas security again!

Well, it looks like we can't protect our computer data after all (and using Linux vs. Windows is apparently no protection, that makes me laugh so hard that it actually hurts a little).

But here's the big question in my mind.

Imagine if some 15lam0faci0 group uses this technique to steal important security data from a stolen laptop, and then subsequently uses that information to carry out a successful attack. Does that make these researchers accomplices to that act of terror? Are they not helping the evil-doers (jihadis and black-hats alike) by making this discovery public? Where is the outrage?

More importantly, where can I get a copy of there Bitunlocker software to use to amaze friends and co-workers with acts of digital legerdemain (say that 5 times fast)?

PS - word out to Rippin Kittin' for Friday night.