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Posted by James Davie On 2007-08-08 1 comments

Hi All!

I'm inviting you to visit my favorite movie review website ThatMovieSite.com

Why is it my fav?
Well for starters it's a Canadian site, and even better it's Western Canadian, based out of Calgary. Another nice element is that the reviewers are mostly regular folks, who don't get any freebies, and don't get paid for putting up these reviews. This site sprung up from a writer's collective a couple of years ago so most of the writing is of excellent quality, as well.

Oh, and I write for the site, so I am somewhat biased.

Some recent highlights for you to view:
The On-Line Film Communities Top 100 Movies of All Time
The Rush Hour Collection
Current Releases

Check it often! The site does tend to focus on theatrical releases, but I am the resident "DVD Guy" so you will see DVD reviews here and there...

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