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It's Raining Frenchies!

Posted by James Davie On 2007-08-13 1 comments

Sometime this month (they won't say exactly when) a 62 year old French man is plunging towards Saskatchewan to attempt the world freefall record of 40 kilometers!

Somehow he's scraped together $14 million worth of funding (hello corporations - if you're looking for tax write-offs I can give you tonnes of useful way to give me your money...). He'll be taking off from Battleford and landing who knows where; so if you hear "Sacre bleu!," "Mon dieux!," or "MERDE!" from above you do not look up, but immediately start ninja-like dive rolls into cover.

Geez, if I'm 62 and looking for excitement I think I'll opt for 26 year old Redhead with scientifically enhanced boobs...

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