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Gaming Geek Sale!

Posted by James Davie On 2006-07-30 1 comments

Howdy Chums!

Recently I came across a box of gaming goodies (many of them classics) at an auction and picked them up.

Before I offer these games and accessories up to the general public I thought I'd give y'all a shot first.

Please note that the price I'm asking is reduced for you, to the tune of about 60 - 75% off retail. I'll be asking more when I post them publicly later this week. Some are new, some used. All in good shape.

Where possible I've attached links.

Knightmare Chess 2 - $10
Steve Jackson Games - Chess Variant SOLD

The Civil War - $5
Victory Game - Simulation / Strategic Board Game

Ricochet Robot - $15
Rio Grande Games - Family Board Game SOLD

Legend of the 5 Rings: Clan War Infantry Expansion $25
Legend of the 5 Rings: Clan War Cavalry Expansion $25
AEG - RPG miniatures

Gauth - 12" tall / 16" wide unopened, unfinished Dragon $50
Reaper miniatures

Kaladrex - 8 1/2" tall / 12 1/2" wide unopened, unfinished Bone Dragon $30
Reaper miniatures

Condottiere - $10
Euro Games - Renaissance Strategy Board Game SOLD

Montgolifiere - $10
Euro Games - Balloon Strategic Board Game SOLD

AD&D 2nd Ed. Mystara Box Sets (includes interactive audio CD's):
Karameikos $20
Glantri $20
Wizards of the Coast

Assassin 2015 - $5
Win95 CD-ROM 1st person shooter

Star Wars Missions - Basic Set & Expansions - $15
Scholastic - Youth RPG - comes with neat Vadar box to hold most books

Pokemon - Japanese Paper Doll Set x2 - $5
Note: I had to open one to figure out what the hell they were...

**Original D&D** Star Frontiers Box Sets:
Alpha Dawn $15
Knight Hawks $15


email me at jd.davie@gmail.com for inquiries

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