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The War on New York City

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-05-31 3 comments

Man, these Americans love their wars. Now NYC is even declaring war on the department responsible for protecting the "homeland". This would be high comedy if it were less tragic.

Also on the wind - it may be many many years (read 'never') before anything is constructed at the infamous Ground Zero location in New York. Maybe they can have a War on Ground Zero if they try really hard.

Ok America, do you think it might be time to look at impeaching Mr. Bush?

Posted by Clockwork On 2006-05-30 9 comments

Just for some perspective, Clinton went down because he lied about a blowjob so his wife wouldn't find out.

Pacified by Tech, Shrek and Dreck while Bush plays "Army"

Posted by Clockwork On 2006-05-25 2 comments

The Luddite has it right for the most part but I think he's missing the most important factor - the American media machine, which has hooked damn near every person in N. America, is controlled by the same people who run the rest of the US, the American oligarchy. The American people are in serious need of a wake-up, one they aren't going to get by watching the Colbert Report!

It's time for a REVOLUTION! or a Wii, a WII or a WWIII......ok,ok I just want to quit work, smoke dope and have unprotected sex after a good ol' peace march. Anyone wanna join my new club, the Albino Panthers? No? Oh well, I've got to get back to work anyways. Hey did anyone see Idol last night?

Water water everywhere

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-05-24 1 comments

Well, not water maybe but beer. I guess when you are the last Canadian team in the playoffs and you come from a wealthy beer swilling province, you run the risk of causing a beer shortage.

We have it soooo easy when our biggest social problems are shortages of beer during sport playoffs. I guess it should be suprise that excess is "in". You get hours and hours of poker on TV now, encouraging people to go out and be like their card playing heros, go "all-in".

I'm "all-in" alright.

This is a neat post I came across when searching for "not a drop to drink" in google.
I found one here too that made a claim about 800 galons of water per grease puck. I dunno how the math adds up for this one, but I thought the "puck" reference tied nicely back into the original post topic.

Big Brother is watching

Posted by Clockwork On 2006-05-19 1 comments

Makes you wonder how much they know.


Sony the Innovator

Posted by ScrewLoose On 2006-05-16 3 comments

Wasn't the rumble controller originally a Nintendo idea too?


Posted by Kyro Sk On 5 comments

Well, I honestly should have seen this one coming. Can you people believe that Blizzard is going to bring you the Starcraft universe, World of Warcraft style?

Can you imagine being able to jet around between planets, exploring alien worlds (and most importantly blowing the crap out of them).

We will get to be Zerg and Protoss I'm sure. Plus Humans (snooze) and I bet they throw in a few other interesting races (or maybe sub-races?) just for kicks.

I better install the old StarCraft and let Morgan try it out so she is pumped about playing WoS when it comes out.

(I hope Cary doesn't see this post)

Transformers movie CGI test

Posted by James Davie On 4 comments

Optimus Prime!

Probably fake, but very cool looking anyways.


Posted by Selbonaut On 2006-05-15 2 comments

You can put your weed in it!

Find all 75 Bands?

Posted by Phoenix On 2006-05-12 6 comments


I think most of you have probably already seen this before as it seems to be making its rounds again, but I think some of the imagery is laid out in a somewhat thought provoking manner.

Queen holds up Prince with Sex Pistols....

If anyone can find a complete list please forward to me!!


Read em and Wii'p

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-05-11 6 comments

Sony is soooo going down... $599 US for a game console? Does anybody remember the 3D0? Didn't think so. It was the short lived console that came out at the dawn of CD based systems that retailed for, hmm.. lemme see now.... $599 US at launch date.


I think not.

The name may suck, but it will rule the world! Go Wii!

WoW Movie

Posted by James Davie On 2006-05-10 3 comments

I never got into the game so my nipples probably aren't as hard as some of yours are (although that's probably the case anyway).

If they can give me a good sword and sorcery flick then I'm happy!

Spring Feva

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-05-09 0 comments

Greets people.

Harley is putting together a gig for the May long weekend at Walkers Nightclub downtown on Saturday the 20th. There will be a wide range of styles in play that night.

Harley is spinning Breaks, for techno you get Garret (JADJ) leaning toward House, Terry (Ruxpin) rocking Acid style, and me working the hard techno/nuNRG angle. Add some Disco and we are really all over the place.

It is cheap and hey, what else were you doing this long weekend? It would be great to see some people out. Harley said he would like to me to play earlier, like 10pm or so. Haven't seen Tom play in forever - so that should be cool.

Link of the week

Posted by Selbonaut On 0 comments

Goin a little new age retro.