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Post Auction Hang Over Blues

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2006-03-27 5 comments

Well, that auction on Saturday was a total waste of time. The first of the AMD machines went for well over $700, followed by basically the rest of the machines in a lot for $650 a piece (and that is with nothing included) which eliminated any further bidding on towers, it was a joke.

Other notables:
the 19" flat screen went for more than $300
the three 17"s went for more than $200 each
the BROKEN 19" went for $125 IIRC !!
faux leather chairs went for more than $60 and guys were taking groups of 7 or 14.

It was chaotic (there was not enough room for cars outside let alone adequate space for people to view the items for auction or even see the auctioneer booth),

overcrowded (at one point, behind where my father-in-law and I were standing, a Corman park park police woman came in a threatened to shut the whole affair down in violation of the fire code for access to exits),

and poorly organized (half-way through the computer stuff, there was a seguey to cars, then another switcheroo to some hair salon stuff).

At one point I asked a bid spotter for clarification on what items were going - and then was reprimanded by the auctioneer for having my info wrong when I was trying to grab the wrong item! I was furious - but supressed my rage and continued to swap comments of ridicule about the high price of goods paid by idiots who robbed us of our opportunity for good hardware for cheap.

I was amazingly pissed off for the rest of the day. But what did I get? Some good headphones for Morgan and I to use for just normal use (my Sony V-700's aren't great for Warcraft). And I might get a line on one of those pistol mice units from Orange yet too.