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The Call

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2013-11-27 0 comments

So, I was jawin' with selbonaut recently about what to spend my lunch hour doing for the next couple months and the conversation bounced randomly between movies, reading, audio books and anime.  Not all of that was on topic obviously as my lunch hour consists of the same time restrictions as most lunch hours do. I'm making the point to say how happy I am to have people with my likes and interests with whom I can bounce this stuff off of and get quality feedback from people I trust.  Mostly. Ish ok?

This is a call to stop hiding your secret geek joys.  Yes, this request is completely self serving, as my session of "share your favorite geek culture" with selbonaut has given me a much reveled in first hit.  I know after a few short weeks, I'm going to be jonesin'.  And while I respect your opinions, I want to make it clear that a list of favorites won't stand up.  I ain't no sheep.  And I doubt that you, yourself, are willing to use up your quality free time without a good reason.  So, with that in mind, I'm hoping people will share recent experiences they have had with tech, shows, anime, comics, books etc and explain to me that my life will be worse without sharing in them.

This post also serves a secondary purpose of attempting to revive this blog, with an additional tertiary purpose of giving me another access point to the life of my good friend djaii.  Anyone with similar interests and purpose, please apply.

Hardware vs Software and the real reasons to buy.

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So I was cruising GameTrailers over my lunch hour and with about 5 minutes left I wanted to point out something and was hoping for some feedback.  http://www.gametrailers.com/next-gen-showdown/specs

Now, maybe I'm an idiot and/or a year and a half without following computer components makes me completely out of touch, or the PS4 has better hardware and zero need for a paid subscription to its online service for 100 dollars less.  Does this not make zero sense to everyone?

Anyway, the point is moot at the moment for me as I know at least two of my people have already pre-ordered/own a Xbone and I have no moniez that I can invest in my entertainment at this time.  But still, I find myself needing to know what the reason behind this is.  Can anyone assist me?  And also, damn I wish I hadn't watched Assassin's Creed 4's review.  Now, and extremely unexpectedly, I want to do AC again. Ah well.  Anyways, side note; kinda interested to see Metal Gear on Xbox.  When did that happen?

Also found a fun little 5 episode series called I Love Last Gen.  The first episode was great at putting the new gen stuff into perspective and covers some of the best highlights (good and bad) of last gen.

Alas, I can 100 percent no longer...