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Google+ Name Policy Appeal

Posted by Djaii Pepper-Martens On 2012-05-18 4 comments

Let me try this again. I'm writing this blogpost as a public submission to use my well known moniker for my Google+ account.

I perform under the name "Djaii" and I produce digital audio and materials under this name for short films and other kinds of alternative work. Lots of it OFFLINE.

My friends know I use this legitimate performance alias, my email has this name in it. My SoundCloud page features it, it is a phonetic re-spelling of one of my actual birth certificate names. In all ways it is an appropriate NAME. No, it is not my birth name. If your Google+ policy is that every user must use their birth name, you have some cleaning up to do.

I DO NOT WANT just anybody who feels like poking into my life looking me up on Google+. I don't trust that your policies for privacy will not change substantially opening me up to marketing based on where I graduated or when to grade school at some point in the future after some business intelligence data miner extracts all of the data.

So, please, take note that this "alias" is a completely legitimate way to interact with people who KNOW me and those who want to find me know this is way they can, to interact with me publicly. Make an exception to your name policy and I'll use (even advocate) for your service.

Don't and I won't. I'll just abandon it.
I know it doesn't matter to whoever your are, but those are my terms, take it or leave it. If I was you, I would approve it because it's completely reasonable.