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The New Identitiez

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2012-02-24 3 comments

For reasons that don't matter to anybody but me, the moniker "Kyro" is headed for an end. It was a fine alias for 10 years, but I'm ready to switch to something a little closer to the vest, namely Djaii which is phonically identical to my actual name, but employs a silent 'D' like in Djinni and implies 'DJ' which I (used to) do.

Right, so, what about that music stuff? What about the film work?

Well, there are two aliases that I'll be using for music, one that will follow my new primary moniker "Djaii" and one that is... well even more unconventional.

The Kyro identities on SoundCloud and CCMixter are gone, in favor of this identity on SoundCloud:

Latest tracks by Djaii

Also on SoundCloud, I'll maintain a new Möbius Entendre identity which is for the weird stuff, like Exploration #4 and my newer ambient productions. When doing sound for video (other than actual sound foley work for my film group HALF DAMAGE) I'll post it here also:

Latest tracks by möbius entendre

You will also notice that my email address is going to change. You'll still be able to email me at my kyro address, but replies will start coming from 23 djaii (again a gmail addy). Finally, I'll have a unified identity across SoundCloud, Twitter and our Blog. Email me if you've got questions, the old email address will work for a while yet).

Truth behind Facebook

Posted by Selbonaut On 2012-02-15 3 comments