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Bad PR goes Viral

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2012-01-04 3 comments

This one requires some reading, but it's an important object lesson. It's got an angle featuring one of the Penny Arcade dudes (Gabe specifically) which is why I think it ties into our content here.

  1. Start here on 1up
  2. To see some of the original email content with come commentary, you can read it here
  3. To wrap it up, please read the article here on Forbes

The dude from Ocean Marketing is clearly out of control.
I'm particularly fond of the following closing statements in the Forbes article:

"In that sense, it’s more like somebody who works at an MMA organisation meeting a world MMA champion in a bar and failing to recognise them, despite the MMA champion identifying himself by name as they squared off."

In case you missed the link in the earlier articles, the full email thread is up on Penny-Arcade here