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On a lighter note....

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2011-12-22 2 comments

The lovely lady and I went to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday and I have to say that I found the experience to be 90% enjoyable. And that's not to say that any part of the show was bad, but there were a few parts where I found myself not just shifting in my seat but the best way to put it would be writhing.

Having not read the books before hand, I found much of the story-line to be twisted and unexpected. My fiance absolutely loved the show despite knowing the entire plot beforehand. I attribute this to the movie being a very accurate portrayal of the book itself, as attested by her, and from a stellar performance from both of the lead characters Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

Another big thing I noticed during this show that I haven't seen in any movie for quite some time is pace change and not just between scenes. I've been shown the graph of what makes a good story. You may have seen it being discussed on Extra Credits and I found, when examining the movie afterwards that it was very similar to this. That may be an over-evaluation but here's the bottom line. I was never bored once. I refuse to say anything specific about the show in case you, like me, haven't read the books(I plan to now). I was worried that they would ruin the story by making it 'Hollywood' and the inclusion of Daniel Craig, I'll admit, was initially a worry for me. Thankfully, it appears as if Mr. Bond can convincingly play a helpless down on his luck victim just as well as an untouchable secret agent. And I won't spoil a thing about Rooney Mara's performance.

This one is definitely a theater watch recommend. A warning though, the sex/violence in this one is well balanced but extremely graphic at times. By balanced, I mean there are many opportunities for it to be gratuitous, but it only is when it needs to be. I praise the director, David Fincher for deciding that it was enough to hear teeth hitting the ground rather than showing them(in slow motion or something foolish like that). Great respect for the material and the overall tone.