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An antidote to Black Friday: Barry Levinson's Avalon (1990)

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Checkout this great post on a blog I follow, "The Reaction".

Dork Tower

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From the above, I am Aragorn, an Intrepid-Class Scout ship,  and then the rest is pure gobble-de-gook!


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I have often wondered the connection between mustaches and prostate cancer. Penny Arcade here has offered up the reason, though I am not sure how sound the argument is. Comments!!!

Timesplitters N?

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(lifted in part from www.computerandvideogames.com)

The last game in this series was TimeSplitters: Future Perfect which released in 2005. Six years is a long time to be waiting for a sequel so we reckon the gaming world is ready for the series to make a return on the current generation of consoles. We loved TimeSplitters for its fast-paced, arcade style action and really just the fact that it didn't take itself too seriously, which is a nice contrast to the current crop of realistic, modern shooters.

We particularly liked additions such as 'Robo-pussy' - a remote control cat that you could drive around. More fun and crazy ideas like this would be welcome in the sequel. Another great thing about TimeSplitters it that because it's not constrained to one time, it allows the player to wield a large variety of weapons from many different time periods, making the gun-play certainly more interesting.

It is rumoured that Crytek is currently working on a new game in TimeSplitters series, with the intention of releasing it on next-generation consoles. Supposedly the title will take advantage of CryEngine 3 and DirectX 11 tech. We're not sure if it will actually be TimeSplitters 4 or just a spin-off, however. Still, it's exciting to hear of any news regarding TimeSplitters and the sooner a new one comes out, the better.

Also - HD monkeys. That is all!

Lest We Forget

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In the day to day tedium, frustration and excitement it is easy to forget that all of it occurs within the domain of a freedom that others paid for with their lives. Here on GnoSchitt we have the grandest of personal luxuries: the right to say and think whatever we want*.

* within the limits of human rights and decency

On Remembrance Day, I find I'm often moved to tears. I'm not crying because I have stories of great personal loss from the Great Wars (or conflicts thereafter). From what I understand one of my grandfathers drove a supply or equipment truck in the second world war. I didn't know him very well and he died before I was old enough to understand what the whole thing meant. I never had a chance to talk to him about it. I'm moved to tears by the realization that I have so much to be utterly thankful for because of the great selfless sacrifice of thousands of people who's names I'll never know.

For the last three or four years I have watched the CBC Rememberance Service from Ottawa. The first time I watched that service I was surprised at the age of the remaining veterans. Has it been that long? During the service they spoke of the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier".

So the story goes, when this new memorial was unveiled in 2000, the crowd in attendance spontaneously began leaving their poppies behind on the tomb as they left the service that cold November morning. This has become a bona fide tradition now with thousand upon thousands of poppies left on the memorial site as the crowds in attendance pay their respects to the men and women of those wars. As I've gotten older, I've come to understand what their motivations might be. Indeed in many ways I think I feel the same. I feel gloriously Canadian: deep sadness that we have need to go to war mixed with thankfulness that we have fought so valiantly.

This had led me to add a few important things to my personal bucket list, I genuinely hope I'm able to plan the following two excursions before it's been too long:

A Trip to Vimy Ridge
Attendance at the Ottawa Remembrance Service with an option to be standing here in the Canadian War Museum at 11am if we cannot get onto the grounds for the outdoor service.

I would gladly plan either of these events with others if they feel similarly inclined.

           Lest we forget

How True

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I am sure all of you have at least half of these checked off...