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Spielberg as Indy 4 Apologist?

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-10-31 3 comments

If you have a sec, go read this - angry now? good!

This really bothers the shit out of me that Spielberg is so flippantly dismissing the way he totally (and permanently) fucked up this series. There is really nowhere to go from here on this series, and it's likely dead ended.

I can't imagine a future Indiana Jones film STARRING no-talent, starts-fights-in-canada-and-gets-thumped, LaBeouf and NO Harrison Ford selling more than a few thousand tickets. The franchise isn't strong enough to bring those indifferent to the character out, and Shia isn't strong enough to convince us old-school Indy loyalists to give a shit.

Blaming it on George Lucas is trendy and convenient.

Screw You Spielberg!