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15 Fuck Crazy Movies

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-06-13 2 comments

This excerpt from the entry on Mulholand Drive (one of my ALL TIME favorite films) should give you some idea WTF the title link sends you to.  Well worth the read, and I also strongly encourage us to watch a couple movies from this list soon.

Pretty much any film by David Lynch belongs on this list, but lets bundle most of them up in with Mulholland Drive, which is possibly his most acclaimed work. Lets face it, barring maybe Elephant Man and Dune, Lynch’s work is uniquely surrealist, and hard to follow regardless of how well you understand his corpus of productions. Lynch has specifically avoided offering explanations of the goings on in Mulholland Drive, instead intentionally wanting viewers and critics to create their own opinions. Non-linear, bewildering, and inter-cut with seemingly unrelated chunks, it’s hard to follow even at the best of times, yet remains a powerful and influential film.