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One of the things I'm proud of...

Posted by Mrs.CPM On 2011-02-28 4 comments

Now of course this isn't mine, and although I have many talents ( such as driving Kyro crazy) art is not one of them. People who know me well, might argue and speak of my fabulous ability to paint walls and imprint various parts of my anatomy into the still wet paint. While cool and true, that does not leave quite the same lasting impression as the talent of one Miss Leah Keeler that can be found on Deviant Art.
Leah... she was shy, and more than a little odd ( hmmm.... she would have likely fit in with some of us in high school). In a typical day she would speak to people very infrequently, but could always be seen doodling fantasy characters in her notebooks, or reading.
I knew she had been expanding her art since graduation and was quite pleased to find some of it easily on the DA website.
I understand that she is actually getting paid to create art now - one of her art pieces graces the side of a building in our town.
So this is just one of the things I'm proud of. Not for myself, I had no hand in it, but for her.