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Medal of Awesomeness

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2011-01-16 4 comments

Holy shit, am I digging MoH (the new one on all Hi-Def platforms).  The Modern Warfare games are great too, but this game was clearly focused on delivering a very cleanly executed single player campaign.  I'm not sure how it is for length, yet, but I'll soon report back with a full review.

After the less than inspiring mechanic of Singularity, this is a much more up-tempo pace and I'm digging it (please note though, that Singularity did pick up toward the end...).

This, and a few of the titles I've picked up for the 360, should tide me over for a while.  I had high hopes of getting into some DC Universe Online, but it's $15/month, and let's be honest, I'll wait for Star Wars: The Old Republic before I start to shell out for a monthly game again.  I do plan to play some SW:TOR when it comes out in Apr/May/Jun.

My personal "must obtain and play" list for 2011 is as follows (in no particular order):
* Gears 3 (XBox)
* NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 (PS3)
* Dead Space 2 (PS3 most likely, the demo was fucking scary)
* Little Big Planet 2 (PS3, demo was awesome, grapples for the win!)
* Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC, and a monthly bum-humping $15 surcharge... fuck)
* Deux Ex Human Revolution (dunno which system I'll grab for yet, PS3 probably)
* Diablo III (PC)
* Uncharted 3 (PS3, one of my all time fav properties here)

Have you recently beaten a game that surprised you?  Write it up... been a while since any good full length game reviews.  I'll try to write up MoH when I'm done, doubt it will take me very long.  Maybe I'll contrast/compare it Singularity for schitt'zen'giggglez ;)