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It is 2011 and 58 reasons that our wallets may be raped

Posted by Bairen On 2011-01-08 8 comments

So this is my first post. I will have to make it a good one.

I'm an avid gamer; I own a PC, Xbox 360, and previously older machines. Still waiting on getting that PS3. I have handhelds, and you wouldn't believe how comforting a PSP is to have in the hospital.

But my topic today isn't about that, it is about the 2011 releases for games coming out. We just don't need to look far to know that this year will be a large gaming year with all the announcements made, some at the VGAs and some prior, and I bet some to come.

Just among my top picks this year include:
Star Wars : The Old Republic; Dragon Age II; Batman Arkham City; Dues Ex : Human Revolution; Elder Scrolls V Skyrim; (if I had a PS3 Drake's Fortune 3); Mass Effect 3; Portal 2; Zelda Skyward Sword.

That is only to name a few. Here is a larger list done on a gaming website: Link to Originalgamster . I don't even have all the games I will buy on my list above. That is crazy nuts.

Have you ironed out the list you are going to have to sort through to optimize our free time? As I can see mine slow slipping away if I only played video games this year.