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Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2010-11-22 2 comments

So I hear that Microsoft is banning Xbox Live users who have customized their Black Ops logo to include a swastika. Now, I don't disagree first of all, I just have a point to make. Players can play multiplayer as nazis. This has been possible for a long time in the call of duty franchise. MS seal of approval. Bam. So why is customization of an in-game icon considered a ban worthy offense? I'm not trying to say that those who proudly sport the swastika should have smiles and joy rained upon them but what of ignorance. A younger person may not be as educated as they could be on the topics of wars in the past and they play this game and in multiplayer, they enjoy the weapons of the nazi side better. They always play the german side. He sees the armband and recognizes it as the symbol of his preferred class. He puts it on his logo. Banned.

Now, lets get the other side. I laughed my ass off thinking of all the entitled examples of the greater internet dickwad theory. Those people who think their online selves can do what they want without consequence. The douche who put a swastika on his logo because he thought it was funny. That's the kind of person I love thinking about getting the ban hammer. I agree it's offensive to most people and I don't think an informed and intelligent individual would do this but anonymity plays it's hand and wins.

I see good and bad in this but most of all I find myself wondering whether MS is using the hammer liberally but they aren't taking the time to make it so games containing these symbols and issues are not brought to their console. And consider for me what a more offensive thing to do is. Pretending to be a nazi and killing americans in a game or adding a swastika to your logo in the same game. Maybe it's hypocrisy and maybe I'm just crazy. Both are highly likely.

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