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must... nuke... soup......

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2010-11-02 6 comments

The music link is irrelevant, the real meat of this post has to do with the meat.  Or more specifically lack of it.  This week I'm eating mostly according to The Game On Diet or "#tgodi" for short.  Small frequent meals with a reduction in portion sizes is the plan.

Day 1 - Meals 1 & 2
* half a turkey dog, thick slice of fresh pineapple, laughing cow cheese

Day 1 - Meals 3 & 4 (each)
* hot pot veggies with thinly sliced pork

Day 1 - Meals 5
* 4 meatballs, fresh spinach salad and olives

Day 2 - Meal 1
* 3 strips of Bacon, a whole banana and some nuts

Day 2 - Meal 2
* 2 chicken drumsticks, pineapple and some more nuts

Day 2 - Meals 3 & 4 (each)
* 4 meatballs, fresh spinach and mushrooms, olives / avocado

Day 2 - Meal 5
* I'm breaking down and microwaving some Clam Chowder here, definitely off the diet... but as you can see these tiny frequent meals are enough to kill a normal man.

I'm definitely eating some pizza on Thursday night and plan to go out for sushi at lunch on Friday.  As for the weekend, not sure if I'll make it.  The true game, and point scoring, starts on Monday.  Some stats:


  • 229 lbs
  • 0 -> 5 minutes of activity per day
  • around 9 hours of sleep per night

  • 191 lbs
  • 25 minutes of activity per day
  • exactly 8 hours of sleep per night

With a little support from those around me I hope to make a go of this thing, so if you're so inclined you could wish me luck (or pray for my soul and survival) and we'll get through this thing.