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An important distinction...in some cases.

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2010-11-17 4 comments

I'm on a fence. It's a fence that some didn't take the time to look at before they jumped over and I'm one of those people. I've since then slunk back to it and perched atop it hoping that no one has noticed that I was already on the other side. This particular fence is that oh so controversial topic of piracy. Most pointedly piracy in software, music and other digital media.

I've thought through some points for both sides that make a lot of sense when they deal with particular circumstances but I'd prefer some thoughts first. No need to divulge any info on whether you do or do not participate. I'm just looking for some solid arguments both for and against. Particularly with respect to consumer financial state, company profits, financial support for the medium, artistic appreciation, creator success, etc...

1 comment due by next week. Have a good week class.

Finished 100%ing Mass Effect on Insane. Easier than I thought it would be. And yes the picture is just to stir the pot a bit.