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teH Haloz

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2010-09-17 2 comments

I like this blog. It's restricted to people with intelligence. I was recently browsing some forums for a few intelligently written reviews of the Halo:Reach single player with the hopes of figuring out whether the co-op campaign was actually worth it. And after a solid hour, I gave up. It was like going to a coffee shop and asking how the cappuccino is. Only instead of an answer of "meh", "great" or "try again tomorrow", someone rushes from their seat and beats me over the head with a wooden sign scrawled hastily with hate speech and praise for "teh mocha". Followed shortly by someone else bursting through the window to beat the first sign bearer with his own sign spouting similar hate speech and praise for "teh cappuccino".

I'm so fed up with the internet enabling people to do things this ridiculous. Visualize that scenario and think about what opinion you form for both people and the camps they represent. I am done with people of questionable intelligence. So I need your help people. Tell me if you've played Halo:Reach, if you enjoyed the single and co-op campaign, and if the survival and mp modes are interesting enough for a buy. I've played a bit of H3 multiplayer and found it a bit shallow but always enjoy the single player games :) Tanks and bombs.

Xbox is questionable... going to play Dragon Age on PC instead... and you can forget about 100 percenting that game...

teh ReQuiEmZ