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Gears of Confetti

Posted by pseudoRequiem On 2010-09-07 2 comments

Ok, to start, I started playing 360 on a friends box. I had an account and played all his games. Hell, I even bought a few just so I could play them on his machine. Then the dreaded day arrived. University ended and I had money that I could actually spend. Crazy, I know.

So a 360 elite with headset and 250 G hard drive came my way. A memory unit purchased to transfer my existing account from my friends box to my shiny new one. And in all my blessed new-found glory I plugged in to play Gears. I am now ready to rehash all that.

Oh Gears, how you've kept me through the years. Yes it rhymes. Deal with it. Screw poetry it's time to chainsaw things. Kyro's new to the Xbox exclusives and I plan on walking him through the magic of Dom and Marcus. Woe be to everyone not us.