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Rock Band 3 With A Real F'ing Guitar!!

Posted by James Davie On 2010-06-16 3 comments

It's E3 time again and all the gaming media are crammed into a crowded convention center to see the next wave of digital money-grabs.

Announced this week was Rock Band 3, available for a premium spot under your Christmas tree later this year. They completely redesigned the game from the ground up and it looks pretty swanky. Vocal harmonies are integrated (as experienced on the Beatles Rock Band), a keyboard is introduced, all the previous songs from earlier Rock Bands can be imported, a Pro Mode is introduced, and there's a new (not cheap) guitar that can read your hand position to show you on the screen and act as a real guitar! Reality and games blur together by one more degree!

Hit the link for a video of the guitar in game and real life action and be wowed. Soon we will all be Rock and Roll legends in our own living rooms!