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Switchin' To Glide

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2010-02-17 0 comments

Came to the realization today that the Alpha Omega system by Mindstorm Labs is just too crunchy for my casual group. Looking at a couple of options: use the 4th Shadowrun system or GURPS and keep the world, or just play standalone Shadowrun.

Switchin' to glide got me thinking about other things I'd love to try running in the next year or three (in no particular order):
Jovian Chronicles
Ars Magica

I've also had this idea for a supers based game set in the future, a sorta Justice League Galactica if you will... I've titled the thing Amazing Year 3000 and would use either Champions or MSH d100 system (since I've recently had a super fun time in an unrelated game that used it).

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