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2009 C4

Posted by km_f5 On 2009-11-03 1 comments

I attended the Central Canada Comic Con this past weekend. It was held in downtown Winnipeg's Convention Centre. First year at this location, and very accessible with decent parking.

Of course, I knew that the convention would only be a fraction of the size of San Diego's Comic Con. Still, I saw more Klingons in Winnipeg!

It was far less 'Hollywood'-- no mega-name booths like "DC" or "Marvel", and more space was set aside for table top gaming than video gaming. It was very grassroots.

Costumes were pretty decent displays, overall. My favourite costumes were those whose wearers clearly used ingenuity in their designs.

One could likely spend a good day taking in all the con offerings, but if next year you are considering driving to Winnipeg for the event, you might want to make plans to take in additional sights to round out your weekend. (for instance, I saw an AWESOME show of Yousuf Karsh's B&W photography at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on Sunday)

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