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a Steely BBQ Weekend

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2008-05-05 4 comments

Well, I guess CPM and me have been going round in circles for years now. How many? I can't possibly be expected to remember accurately.


We thought this year that it would be fun to have a big BBQ on the same day that our wedding actually was in 1997, specifically the 17th of May (and could somebody please double check that I got the year correct?).

So, if you could make it out that night, bring your own dead stuff to burn on the BBQ and something to drink, we'd love to see you. Hopefully the weather is warm and we can spend some of it outside (not like in '97 when it snowed on us).

Please email me to let me know that you can make it (or not). If coming, please feel free to bring a lawn chair or two so that we've got lots if we're outside. This night is kid friendly, so please, no weapons (or anything Metro would put in the trunk of his car).

Bonus points for anybody who gets the title of this post.