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The Plan (Same as the old, but more neato)

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2008-04-06 3 comments

Found this on Mish's blog, fell out of my chair.

As DJ Punk-Roc would say...
"ever get the feeling we been cheated"

Let's see... hmmm....

1 Massive Investment Bank... check
2 Small Airlines... check
1 Jewerly Store... check
1 Bailout for Home Builders (instead of Home Owners)... check

Yep, all the pieces are falling into place. March was one doozey of a month, no doubt. Who would have thought a time would come were I would fancy the idea of sitting at home watching the economic melt-down of North American civilization on CNN while scarfing down microwave popcorn (and I do mean scarf, for those of you who haven't seen me eat popcorn recently, I just can't get the stuff in fast enough).

Really snarky replies will get edited/removed, this is the advance warning ;)