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Left Handed?

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2008-01-23 2 comments

Another national survey has found that more Americans believe the news media leans more to the left than the right.

The study by Sacred Heart University Polling Institute found 45.4 percent of the respondents think journalists and broadcasters are mostly or somewhat liberal. Just 15.7 percent think they are conservative.

44.9 percent view CNN as liberal; 41.9 believe The New York Times leans left; 40.3 for National Public Radio and 38.8 for MSNBC. 48.7 percent said FOX News is mostly or somewhat conservative.

And, as far as which outlet is "most trusted?" FOX News led the way with 27 percent, CNN at 14.6 percent; NBC News at 10.9 percent; ABC at 7 percent; local news 6.9 percent; CBS at 6.8 percent; MSNBC at 4 percent and Public Broadcasting at 3 percent.

FOX News led the way. I think that puts the whole American condition into perspective. ;)