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Who's Headed for the Theatre?

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-11-04 7 comments

I have no time to see these films, but I really want to try and see at least two of them in the theatre over the next three to six weeks. I wonder if anybody else has an inclination and we can start talking about dates and times?

I've put them in order of what I want to see most, but I can be flexible about it.

Beowulf - what more do I need to say? I'll even be okay with the fact that Angelina "I might parachute in and stealth adopt your kid on you if you're not careful" Jolie is in it, as long as she doesn't suck to badly.

No Country for Old Men - I've never heard of the guy who is the 'killer' in this movie, but he looks hella menacing. The only apprehension I have is that the trailer for it self declaratively reported that it is an "instant classic", which sometimes translates as "total shiate". Tommy Lee Jones is in it - which goes both ways sometimes too - so I'm interested.

Lions for Lambs - taut political thriller/action with Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep. But Redford is in charge, and I really like his stuff, so maybe Tom can't or won't Scientoligize the whole project and it will deliver on the promise. Trailer looks great.

Golden Compass - nothing to report here, either you get it or you don't. On a related note, I still haven't seen Stardust (maybe it will be released on Blu-Ray and I'll see it all hi-defy on my anti-gravity field generating 1/2 blu-ray player, 1/2 video game machine*).

Hitman - I know, I know. It's a slashie (game/movie), but it looks like it might be neat. You'll also notice it's last on the list, but if enough people want to check it out, let's roll.

* or that Scottish Console for those of you who've been paying attention the last couple months.

So, any interest?