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Album Distribution

Posted by Toad008 On 2007-10-03 6 comments

I'm sure / hope you have all heard about this, but I'm interested in starting a discussion about it.

Radiohead is releasing a new album, October 10th. They are offering it for sale digitally on their website for "what you want". So you choose how much you want to pay for a digital version of their album. For the collectors you can also order a huge box set that has 2 cds, art, records, and other stuff for 40 pounds or something.

What is everyone's thoughts on the actual album though? I currently pre-order it for $0 with the intent that once I listen to it, I will decide how awesome it is, and the buy it again for more to support the band, and this means of album distribution. I really like it because I don't like having the physcial cd crap cluttering my room, and I'll rip it to digital right away anyway, and put it on my ipod, and likely not touch the cd again. However, I can see how this wouldn't work as well for an unknown or less popular artist. Although costs are dropped immensely as there is not physical printing, so even if your fans are cheap, it is money going straight into your pockets as profit. Especially when you see stats that say only about $1 of a cd sales goes to the artist. I can't imagine even the evil cd pirates objecting to getting a full album for only $1 which would give Radiohead as much profit as a normal cd. Plus I don't have to give a cut to the evil corporations that I think are hurting music more than helping it.

Other thoughts?