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Ski Trip

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-09-13 10 comments

No matter what else happens, I'm going skiing this winter. My bike trip was foiled by work and weather (equally), but I'm sure I can get away for a two day ski trip if I plan ahead (yeah, go figure).

So, I'm throwing this out there: who skis anymore? I'll go alone if I have to, but it would be cool to try and arrange a group (or even a pair if that's all I can get is one travel buddy*). If you think this is something you'd like to do, post here, or email me.

Some trip planning notes
-If we can do it during the week, that is preferred, travel Sunday, ski Mon/Tues/Wed (maybe) and travel Wed/Thurs
-I'd like to avoid the Banff/Louise/Sunshine area if possible. I've skied there so much
-If we can go through Calgary I might be able to line up a place to stay one night there for free (if our numbers are four or less), but we don't have to go through CowTown if a route to Jasper is selected
-I'm willing to go as early as first week of December, I'd prefer not to go any later than first week of March
-If you come across any good deals but don't plan to come, at least let me know!

* CPM doesn't really want to ski anymore, she has this ladies shopping trip to Edmonton thing that she likes way better than the mountains - ya, I know she's crazy - like a fox!