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Posted by Selbonaut On 2007-09-28 1 comments

Hey all, here is a site that I frequent, even though it is not updated all that often. The content that he talk's about is things that I am interested in, and I think that a lot of you will be as well.

Give it a look and I hope you enjoy.

P.S. Lord Jim, you should watch the video on the latest post, it is a bit long, but you will get a kick out of it...

Spider-Man The Musical! WTF!!

Posted by James Davie On 3 comments

It's confirmed! They're making Spider-Man the Musical and it seems to be inducing in me a combination of laughter and mini-vomiting...

Music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge (does his wife call him The?).

Really guys and gals, if some Hollywood-Broadway puds can waste this much time and money on a project that was probably conceived during a 48 hour E and cocaine binge we aren't we merging our talents to at least make something original? I mean Kyro and I were joking about making a full-cast radio play for fun, why not do that and make our own first million?

Jesus, what will they puke up next...


Posted by Selbonaut On 2007-09-22 1 comments

Saw this video and laughed my ass off. You would think that the jokes would stop being funny by now.


Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-09-21 4 comments

I've been playing in a new weekly D&D game lately. One of the features of the game is an online campaign wiki where we can put in-character and out-of-character talk, to allow us to role-play a bit between sessions. It works brilliantly. If I ever get to run a game again, I'll certainly be using this technique.

I thought that I might post a few of the bits I have been writing for my character, a Barbarian from northern Forgotten Realms named Vaa-dain, just for people to read and comment if they want to. I guess I'll start with his background, and maybe add a tid-bit here and there over the next couple months of the campaign.


Uthgar (Human) Barbarian of the North (Clan of the Great Wyrm)

Age: 21 Height: 5'10

Born with true white hair and dark green eyes, Vaa-dain was never comfortable with his own people. As soon as he was able to carry a spear, he began keeping his own company along the periphery of the territory that his clan had laid ancient claim too. In this role he became valuable to his people as a first-contact, intercepting those who would enter clan lands unannounced before they could penetrate deeply. The most important accomplishment during this time was his brokerage of a truce and trade arrangement between the clan and the mysterious Winter Witches of the darkest northern netherwood. Vaa-dain enjoyed the company of the witches.

As adulthood approached, he began to recognize a certain sensitivity to the arcane. This inclination did not go unnoticed to a certain other young and ferocious warrior of the clan - Rha-zuul - the last son of the great Zuul-Huk-Sho bloodline and future Chieftain. Rha-zuul saw that Vaa-dain would often easily ascertain the purpose of mystical objects and conversed well and comfortably with travellers that would come into their great frosted forest home. When the Winter Witches would come to trade with the clan they would always seek Vaa-dain out and prefer his company over any others. This made Rha-zuul very jealous of the perceived unearned status Vaa-dain enjoyed with these mystics and other powerful travellers. To this insult was added the injury of the fact that Eura-zuul - daughter of the chieftain and sister of Rha-zuul - clearly doted on Vaa-dain.

On one occasion, a travelling half-elven wizardess by name of Azure-Skye stopped within the tribes dense boreal pines with her troupe so that they might rest and stock provisions. She told of their journey north toward the great spine of the world to seek secrets lost there in ages past. Vaa-dain invited them to spend their night with the clan, in safety. Breathtakingly beautiful and radiant with power, she passed over Rha-zuul to spend her time with Vaa-dain and to ask him very unusual questions about his family. She sensed something in him, as he did inside himself. Rha-zuul was furious.

A day passed after Azure-Skye had departed with her adventuring company, and in the very early moments of particularly cold dawn a host of black riders came roaring into forest and stormed the clan hold. They demanded information about a half-elven vagabond thief known to be in these parts. Rha-zuul wasted no time in telling them anything they wanted to know about the wizardess and her chosen path toward the worlds spine. Vaa-dain loudly objected to this betrayal of the stranger, but the chief stood with his son in acquiescence to the requests of the black host of riders. With great laughter the black riders declared the tribe fortunate, for in exchange for their information they agreed to take but one person alive, instead of all of them dead. The Chieftain and his son struggled as mightily as they were able, but could not stop the black armored riders from storming off with Eura-zuul.

Rha-zuul pointed to Vaa-dain. If Vaa-dain had not invited the bastard elven bitch to their camp, this would not have happened. Others began hissing threats, why had Vaa-dain done this to them? Why had he brought great misery down upon the Zuul-Huk-Sho line? Was he an agent of darkness? With a heavy heart, he knew that the time had come to leave his people. He set off to make his own mark and determine what it was about him that was so different - why was he was created just so?

Though he has been away from his clan lands for barely a year he has greatly expanded his knowledge of the lands of north and grown hungry to understand the reasons why his blood burns with the craving of powerful magic and great treasure. A keen mind and natural cunning are complemented by his great strength. His rages, when let loose, are alarmingly vicious yet disciplined – more thinking predator than blind savage. His predatory nature is tempered by his good judge of character, and he has found brotherhood with an unusual mix of arctic kin - a Snow Elf named Farok and a strange Ice Gnome by name of Taelin.

Apparently Anyone Can Get In A Movie Now-A-Days...

Posted by James Davie On 2007-09-20 1 comments

That's right fight fans - UFC Champ Randy "The Natural" Coutre has managed to punch his way into a "lead role" in the up-coming Scorpion King sequel (minus the Rock from all accounts) The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian.

The news is quietly dropped on the MMA Blog via the following quote: "Couture is set to leave for South Africa to film a lead role in, “The Scorpion King: The Akkadian,” next month."

I wonder how long the casting director lasted before screaming like a little girl to be let go of the death grip Randy had on him and produce a contract?

Well good luck Mr. Coutre, experience has shown us that you will need it - and there's no defense against millions of viscous little bloggers.

Ski Trip

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-09-13 10 comments

No matter what else happens, I'm going skiing this winter. My bike trip was foiled by work and weather (equally), but I'm sure I can get away for a two day ski trip if I plan ahead (yeah, go figure).

So, I'm throwing this out there: who skis anymore? I'll go alone if I have to, but it would be cool to try and arrange a group (or even a pair if that's all I can get is one travel buddy*). If you think this is something you'd like to do, post here, or email me.

Some trip planning notes
-If we can do it during the week, that is preferred, travel Sunday, ski Mon/Tues/Wed (maybe) and travel Wed/Thurs
-I'd like to avoid the Banff/Louise/Sunshine area if possible. I've skied there so much
-If we can go through Calgary I might be able to line up a place to stay one night there for free (if our numbers are four or less), but we don't have to go through CowTown if a route to Jasper is selected
-I'm willing to go as early as first week of December, I'd prefer not to go any later than first week of March
-If you come across any good deals but don't plan to come, at least let me know!

* CPM doesn't really want to ski anymore, she has this ladies shopping trip to Edmonton thing that she likes way better than the mountains - ya, I know she's crazy - like a fox!

Who like robots?

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7 Wonders of the IT world

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I like lists myself, and this was a fun little one that I thought I would share with the rest the technophiles that I know.

Dangerous Knowledge

Posted by AngryParrot On 2007-09-06 3 comments

As a computer scientist, I've really been enjoying this BBC documentary on four very famous mathematicians:  Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Godel, and Alan Turing.  The common thread between these individuals is alluded to by the title of the documentary, "Dangerous Knowledge" -- the monumental and revolutionary discoveries that these people made ultimately drove them to insanity and suicide.  While this is not entirely accurate, the documentary is nonetheless fascinating.   It's long, at 90min, but in my opinion, worth watching.

I never panic on the mic...

Posted by Kyro Sk On 4 comments

I've been listening to the original motion picture soundtrack for "Cool As Ice" for the past week, and I've gotta tell ya, the album is brilliant. The mix of 80's white bread rap/hip hop and slow techno ballads is a welcome change of pace from anything else I've been listening too lately. Here are some highlights:

1. Cool As Ice (Title Track) by Vanilla Ice (feat. Naomi Campbell)
What can I tell you? The track opens with this pipes and synths section that is wonderfully musical. Then it moves into the main song section with electronic beats and fantastic sound effects and orchestral work in the background. Add to that the 'epic' V.I. rapping and Naomi Campbell (who sings really well for a model) and you have a wonderfully enjoyable song.

4. Love 2 Love U by Partners In Kryme (feat. Debbie Cole)
Smooth mainstream accessible 80's rap with accents of strong vocal work and rolling bass lines. At the time, would have been too radical for radio play, but easily out shines a large body of todays contemporary 80's inspired commercialized techno-ish tracks that get air time.

7. Forever by D'New (feat. Temple)
Another pairing of a fairly forgettable electronic act (D'New) with a very memorable elegant and silky voice (Temple) to produce a song that has a much greater emotional impact that you would first think possible. The use of minor root key and subtle discord in juxtaposition with sections of very clever harmony is powerful. This is a song I recently woke up with running in my head. Great stuff.

10. Get Wit' It by Vanilla Ice
To seal the deal with his reinvented James Dean image the album finishes with an excellent technically produced piece of electronica. The use of sounds that move in space (stereo imaged) as well as with pitch creates a fascinating listening experience. V.I.'s rapping is, of course, totally self-indulgent, but strangely appropriate once you set the perspective in the mind of a self-absorbed ego maniacal bubble head (and I'm being pretty kind here). There are little tid bits in this song that I intend to lift and remix into something a little heavier.

It's got me inspired to watch the actual film again too. So, I tracked down an avi copy. This is an open invite for people to join me in watching it at my place sometime over the next week or two.
Anybody out there willing to take it up with me?