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Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-08-12 6 comments

I'm currently trying to find the following movies on VHS or DVD. Some of you may remember these shows, or maybe not. They were pretty 'B' in their time and - from what I've recently read - may not have aged well. But see no reason why that should stop me.


Thursday (1998)
- stars Tom Jane (the new Punisher)
- another Mickey Rourke film

Nemesis (1993)
- is this the only Olivier Gruner film that didn't utterly blow?
- feels more New Rose HotelBurning Chrome than any direct film adaptations of William Gibsons work ever did

Down Twisted (1987)
- am I the only person with fond memories of Albert Pyun films?

If anybody remembers these shows, or believes they can be had via torrent or something somewhere, I'd love to hear about it. If Cinemax (a movie channel in the states) has these movie, doesn't that mean there has to be a digital copy around somewhere?