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Cycle Trip - MOVED

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-08-24 5 comments

The wet conditions and other time constraints that have been imposed on this weekend make it ill suited to attempt the planned cycle trip. I know there was some interested parties planning on joining me in the wee hours of Sunday morning, but I think we will be looking at a date in September to 'fall' back on (pun intended).

So, my short list is of "pretty sure I'm coming" is:
- Kurt Saunders
- Dawn Ophiem
- Mike Diakuw

I know there were some others that showed interest, but haven't gotten back to me. Does anybody have a date in Sept. that they think works well? What about the long weekend Monday September the 3rd? If the weather stays relatively dry most of the mud should be passable by then.

Please post here with your preference.