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Back To The Front

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-08-17 5 comments

So, it looks like WotC has finally officially announced the impending release of D&D 4 (or should I say 4.0, because we can all see 4.x.x coming down the pipe already). I'm assuming this is at the behest of corporate parent Hasbro to bring the visibility of their flagship RPG system back to the market forefront after the dismal performance of D&D Online against World of Warcraft.

I would have linked this article to the WotC D&D root page, but it is currently having such a high volume of traffic that the server has failed.

There are some interesting possibilities for changes that could make 4e a good system. Less static (more flexible) character classes, the abolition of the division between arcane and divine magic, and the improvement of the usability of the wizard/sorcereous way of spell casting, just to name a few.

In other interesting news, The Gamer: Dorkness Rising will be showing at GenCon this year. Ah, to really embrace the inner Dork. How can you beat that? To wit: