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The Long Walk

Posted by Kyro Sk On 2007-07-09 11 comments

Well, I actually did make it out Saturday for the planned walk, and I certainly learned a lot about how the mind and body work (well, my mind and body anyway).

I started my part of the journey at the SaskPlace Husky at about 12:50pm and completed at Ebenezer Baptist Church (fitting, if you know anything about my history) at about 6:45pm. I was very pleased with my progress throughout the day and felt great right up until the approach on Sutherland when my left foot began giving me pain.

The first 10 km's were a cake walk (pun intended), but around kilometer 14 or so, just past the bridge I really started laboring with every step. By the time we reached Eb I was pretty much toast - and I mean that figuratively AND literally, as I was lathered in SPF 45 the whole day and still managed to burn the uncovered tops of my shoulders and unprotected backs of each leg.

High Points:
- hitting km 10 still feeling strong
- Silverwood Golf Course trip segment (beautiful)
- late picnic lunch along Whiteswan (thanks to Mrs. Orange)
- crossing under Sir Sid Buckwold Bridge (or Circle Dr. bridge if you prefer)
- finishing at Ebenezer Baptist

Low Points:
- falling far short of the complete distance (not even a third)
- badgering by a backyard partying hooligan while leaving the golf course
- sun burn on the backs of my legs (ouch!)
- having such an early physical failure given how fresh I felt mentally still after 6 hours

I have concluded a few things also, which I would like to summarize here, but will be happy to go into detail conversationally if asked:
- my mind is far stronger than my body (I guess I sorta thought this already, but it was interesting to have it proven in front of me)
- the circuit might be unachievable for me now in a single day given the combination of my age and health with my ability to make time to prepare (but I'm still going to make one more attempt in a single day next summer with Orange)
- if the single day attempt fails again next year, I will want to make an attempt that is planned over two days with a pup-tent arrangement at the end of day 1
- I want to make an attempt again this summer using mountain/hybrid-road bikes that should be easily completed within a single day at only minor physical discomfort; I'm looking for victi... err... participants for this trip later this summer, mid to end of August I'm thinking